WATCH: Notre Dame Fan’s Hilarious Reaction After Being Scheduled to Play Alabama: ‘No, God, No’

by Matthew Wilson

This Notre Dame fan experiences the existential horror of having to face Alabama in the college football National Championship playoffs.

For Notre Dame fans, the news they made the playoffs this year was a double-edged sword. Many probably celebrated the announcement, but this fan isn’t happy. The good news is obviously that they’re still in the game. Many Fighting Irish fans thought they saw their playoff dreams go up in smoke after a devastating loss to Clemson. But to get to the championship, they’ll have to go through Alabama first.

“No, God, no,” this woman said in her best Michael Scott impression. She held her hands to her head after realizing Notre Dame has to face the Crimson Tide on New Year’s Day.

Notre Dame Is Favored to Lose

Going into New Year’s Day, Notre Dame finds itself in a David vs the Goliath story for the sports history books. Betters have already favored Alabama to win, on a road map to face Clemson for the fifth time in recent history. They projected Notre Dame to lose by the largest spread in college football playoff history. Alabama is favored to win by 20.5 points.

But underdog stories make up the foundation of sports. And no one should count the Fighting Irish out just yet. Notre Dame may just surprise everyone.

Going into Dec. 19 game against Clemson, the Fighting Irish was ranked No. 2 in the country. They had previously defeated Clemson, minus its quarterback Trevor Lawrence, during the regular season. But Clemson had Lawrence back and wanted revenge, delivering an embarrassing loss.

Going into New Year’s Day game, Notre Dame has to shake off its loss to Clemson if it wants the opportunity of a third rematch or to face Ohio State in the championship. But the Fighting Irish lost the last time they faced Alabama in 2013. So maybe, that fan should be afraid.