WATCH: Pat McAfee Slams Detroit Lions for Reported Matthew Stafford Departure, Pitches Colts to QB

by Charles Craighill

After 11 seasons with the Detroit Lions, quarterback Matthew Stafford and the team have mutually decided to part ways. The number one pick of the 2009 NFL Draft started all but five games in his career with the Lions. His elite arm strength and overall toughness helped lead the team, however, he never had the weapons around him to put together a solid team.

After the news broke earlier today, Pat McAfee slammed the Lions for wasting the talented quarterback’s career. He also pitched the idea of Matthew Stafford coming to Indianapolis where McAfee played for the Colts for all of his career.

“Hey Matty, what Detroit has done to you is wrong,” McAfee said in his podcast. “What they did to Calvin [Johnson], they did right in front of your face. They put the Calvin Curse on the building, plus all the other Lions curses that had already been there… You had a broken back last year, you have a broken thumb this year, you’ll probably have something else later.”

Where Will Matthew Stafford End Up?

McAfee also presented the idea of Matthew Stafford joining the already strong Indianapolis Colts squad. He spent all of his playing years with the Colts but retired in 2016. I

n fact, both Pat McAfee and Matthew Stafford were drafted in the same year, however, Stafford went first overall and McAfee went in the seventh round. With that said, Stafford played arguably the most important position on the field and McAfee was a punter.

“Come on down to Indianapolis,” McAfee said in his message to Matthew Stafford. “Come on down to the Colts. They’d love you here. We have a great offensive line, Quentin Nelson is always handling people…. Come on down and sling the rock around in Indianapolis, you’ve been treated poorly up there.”

There is some brilliant potential in bringing Matthew Stafford to the Indianapolis Colts. Their former potential Hall-of-Fame quarterback Phillip Rivers recently retired, leaving the position open.

The Colts already have a solid team around them for Stafford to step into, arguably better than any team in Detroit in Stafford’s tenure. From offensive weapons and a strong offensive line to a solid and talented defense, the Colts have what it takes to be a good team.

However, Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich already has a strong relationship with Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz is expected to leave Philadelphia this offseason due to a fractured relationship with Doug Pederson and being replaced by rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts. This leaves him as the most likely candidate to fill the Indianapolis quarterback position over Mattew Stafford.

So: where will Matthew Stafford land?

There are some good options out there. For instance, the Washington Football Team desperately needs a quarterback and the general manager drafted Stafford in Detroit back in 2009. Both the Jets and the Dolphins are in the market for a quarterback. However, Deshaun Watson has named those teams as his desired destination.

In New England, Cam Newton’s one-year contract has run out, and it certainly did not work out well. The bottom line is the options are wide open and pretty much anywhere Matthew Stafford goes is an upgrade.