WATCH: Ronda Rousey Is ‘Pregnant and Petting Cows’ in Awesome New Video

by Josh Lanier

Things seem to be going very well for Ronda Rousey if her latest Instagram video is any indication. The former UFC champion and Olympic medalist turned actor and wrestler is now a farmer. And she seems to enjoy the much slower pace of life.

“Pregnant and petting cows,” she posted to Instagram. She announced last month that she was expecting her first child. She’s also hard at work at her wagu breeding farm she owns with her husband.

Our new heifer calf, Bonsai is adjusting to life here at @BrowseyAcres – she’s going to be spearheading our #fullbloodjapanesewagyu breeding program with Myrtle. Bonsai had 2500 acres to roam at @snfwagyu and hadn’t been handled as much as here – so to help her adjust to our smaller property – where they’re constantly in close proximity to people -we like to get our cows accustomed to being touched, pet, and brushed.

We use a few methods to get them used to being touched. And one is what I call the @travisbrownemma method (cause he taught me!) – sit next to their feed so they have to come close to you to eat. Once they relax enough to eat, touch them lightly till they get used to it, and let them pet you. … I’d been sitting next to Bonsai trying to pet her for 20 min when @travisbrownemma happened to catch on film the first time Bonsai let me touch her follow @browseyacres to watch Bonsai’s progress adjusting to the SoCal farm life.”

Rousey Says World’s Baddest Baby Coming Soon

Ronda Rousey married UFC fighter Travis Brown in 2017. They started dating secretly in 2015.

Rousey has usually kept her private life private, but in a rare change of pace, she uploaded a YouTube video where she announced her pregnancy. It turns out that Rousey has been pregnant for some time. But she’s been keeping her pregnancy a secret from the public. Now, she says her baby bump is too big to hide. So she wanted to share the news.

“How do I put this? Pow, four months pregnant!” Rousey said while sitting with her husband Travis Browne. “What, you didn’t even know for the last four months. Woo! I’ve been pregnant since January. Four months, baby bump, I can’t hide it anymore. It’s time to show it off.”

Rousey said she’s excited to become a mom, and wanted to thank her fans for being so supportive.

“Thank you for all the well wishes and all the positivity to get us to this point. Baddest baby on the planet coming to you soon, September 22nd,” Rousey said.

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