WATCH: Sam Pittman’s Return to Georgia Shows Just How Beloved He Is

by Leanne Stahulak

University of Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman showed an impressively sportsmanlike attitude after his team’s loss to No. 2 Georgia Dawgs on Saturday.

The Dawgs have dominated all season, maintaining a 5-0 record against some top-tier teams. Arkansas similarly hadn’t lost a game this year until their match-up against Georgia, where they lost 37-0.

The defeat likely hit hard for Sam Pittman, who used to coach Georgia’s offensive line just two years ago. He coached the Dawgs from 2016 to 2019 until being hired as the Razorbacks’ head coach.

Some of the players he used to coach at Georgia still play for the team. And Pittman went out of his way to congratulate each and every one of them after Saturday’s game.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video after the game. He posted a clip of Pittman’s interactions with the Dawgs on Twitter, with the caption, “This 1:20 of video should tell you all you need to know about the man in charge of Arkansas Football. Sam Pittman is that man!”

In the video, Pittman hugs and shakes the hands of several Georgia players. But they also reach out to him, pulling him in tight for a hug and speaking to him about the game. You can almost tangibly feel the respect they have for the man who used to coach them. And Pittman clearly respects the players as well, after they played so well and stopped Arkansas from even getting one point on the board.

One Twitter user who quote tweeted the video said it all: “At times, this is a beautiful game with great relationships.”

Arkansas Coach Sam Pittman Coined the Term That’s Now the Team’s Motto

When you walk into the Arkansas football team’s locker room after a victory, prepare to hear one thing: “Turn that damn jukebox on!”

Sam Pittman said the phrase after the team’s historic win one year ago against Mississippi State. It was Pittman’s first game as head coach and the team’s first SEC win in 20 games. Apparently, Pittman wanted to hear some pump-up, victory music playing, because he told the team to “Turn that damn jukebox on!”

Although Pittman might’ve shown his age a bit with the remark, it still means to the players what it means to him. After a win, a celebration is in order, until it’s time to focus on the next game.

ESPN’s College GameDay posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Sam Pittman and the Razorbacks preparing for this season. The video featured the team’s new motto, with College GameDay even using it for their caption. The video also gives a look at what the team aims to do this season with Pittman at the helm.