WATCH: Shaq and Kenny Smith Break Into Random Footrace During Halftime Show

by Keeli Parkey

On your marks. Get set. Go! Shaq and Kenny Smith were off to the races during a recent broadcast of the NBA on TNT.

Kenny was analyzing the first half of the Milwaukee Bucks game against the Los Angeles Lakers when he decided to go to the big board for a more in-depth discussion. As Smith begins to turn in his swivel chair, he catches something out of the corner of his eye. What he sees is 7-foot Shaquille O’Neal sprinting in the same direction.

Smith, who stands 6’3″, immediately takes off. The result is a photo finish between the center and the guard.

“Too late,” Kenny Smith exclaims as they race up the stairs on their way to the “finish line.”

“No, no, no, no,” Shaq can be heard saying. “Go to the tape. Go to the tape.”

“It was close,” Smith adds. “I got him. I got him.”

Co-host Ernie Johnson thinks Smith won the contest.

“We need a camera over there. But, Kenny, I think you got it,” Johnson says. “But, you lost your pocket square. … You were definitely exerting yourself.”

Never knowing when he might get in a race to the board, Smith is choosing his footwear wisely. “I’m wearing sneakers every day now, man,” he says.

Regardless of the winner, the contest offered a comedic interlude to the NBA on TNT broadcast. You can watch Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal race to the big board below. Who do you think won the impromptu race?

One of the joys of watching the NBA on TNT is seeing the fun the hosts have joking around with one another. Thursday wasn’t the first time the two former NBA players turned analysts raced to the big board. And, it probably won’t be the last. Even former NBA star Charles Barkley has raced Smith, who is also know as “The Jet” to the board. That race didn’t go so well for Barkley. Check it out below. The race starts around the 1:20 mark of the video.

Shaq Remembers Kobe Bryant Almost One Year After Legend’s Death

Shaq might be racing with Kenny Smith and joking around on the NBA on TNT broadcasts, but he is still missing Kobe Bryant – his former teammate. It has been nearly a year since Bryant’s tragic death in a helicopter accident and Shaq still wants to call Kobe and chat.

“We had a very enigmatic relationship,” Shaquille O’Neal said on the Today Show in describing his friendship with Kobe Bryant.

“That’s why I would say, we were the most dominant one, two points ever created,” O’Neal said. “Enigmatic, controversial, having fun and there never will be another like us. You know, it’s still kind of hard. [I] redid my living room, redid my gym. His picture is up on the wall.”