WATCH: Texas A&M Fan Got Trucked by Cop Escorting Nick Saban Off the Field

by Leanne Stahulak

College Station went wild last night after Texas A&M’s historic win against No. 1 team Alabama. So wild that one poor fan got bulldozed by a cop trying to escort Alabama coach Nick Saban off the field.

The Aggies defeated the Crimson Tide in the last two seconds of the game yesterday. With the score tied, Texas A&M pulled off one last field goal to put them ahead of the high-ranking team. As soon as the Aggies scored, fans swarmed the field in celebration.

What looks like thousands of fans in College Station ran from the bleachers to the turf. They surrounded stunned Alabam players who couldn’t believe they’d just lost to an unranked team. They also surrounded head coach Saban, who needed a police escort to help him get through the growing crowds.

The police did their job well, moving Saban efficiently through the groups of rowdy college kids. But one officer paid no heed to a girl who found herself blocking the escort’s way. He threw his arm out and knocked the girl to the ground, sending her flying as the rest of the police escort stepped over her.

Luckily, it looks like the Texas A&M fan doesn’t stay down for long. Hopefully, she didn’t get trampled by the other fans. But that arm to the gut had to hurt.

You can see the take-down for yourself in the video below. It happens right around the 42-second mark in the one-minute video. Her phone even goes flying as she hits the ground.

Fans Speak Out on Cop Decking Texas A&M Fan at College Station

Several fans on Twitter couldn’t believe how hard he decked that girl. Some of them asked if different NFL teams had signed him on yet, or mentioned how it was Alabama’s best tackle of the night. Others said this shows how dangerous it can be for fans to rush the field.

“Insane they let fans on the field before Bama players, coaches, and staff could leave,” a Twitter user named Owen Ravenna commented.

CBS news anchor Ben Becker wrote, “: 45-second mark where it appears a law enforcement officer pancakes a fan near Nick Saban. Football is only sport where there is no crowd control. If they really want to keep fans off, need to put up fences like European Soccer.”

“Stay off the field,” user T.J. commented on the post.

Another fan said, “Storming the field is dangerous for everyone. The field is not for fans. Is it going to take a death to stop it? We do not do it. #RollTide.”

But there was no stopping the Texas A&M fans after the Aggies upset Alabama.