WATCH: Texas Tech Upsets Iowa State With Insane 62-Yard Field Goal

by Matthew Memrick

Red Raiders kicker Jonathan Garibay’s walk-off 62-yard field goal was an insane way for Texas Tech to upset Iowa State on Saturday.

Oh, and it was also the longest college field goal this season. Texas Tech is now eligible for the first time in four years, according to CBS Sports.

Even one former Texas Tech alum loved the play.

Iowa State Charged Back Before Garibay’s Kick

You got to hand it to the Cyclones. Lately, the team’s owned the Red Raiders, beating them five straight games going back to 2015. In this game, however, they were at a disadvantage. 

But they showed they could climb out of that hole. The Cyclones rallied back from a 24-10 deficit and even knotted the score at 38 with a minute left.

Iowa State, however, felt pretty good about their chances. Garibay had a 45-yard field goal earlier in the game, but he didn’t scare the Cyclones with this attempt. Texas Tech could only get a few yards to help Garibay, but apparently, he didn’t need much.

That lack of faith in the senior kicker’s leg may have cost them the game. Iowa State lined up on the final play with just five rushers. They put a deep man in the endzone in case a return was possible. That cushion of time helped Garibay boom his kick, and the rest is history.

“When you get to a distance that far, it’s really hard to give it that nice height,” Garibay told USA Today after the game. “You’ve kind of got to drive it. I thought the wind’s not blowing, don’t try to kill this ball. I’ve got to hit a clean ball, and hopefully, it goes all the way.”

Yeah, Garibay statistically hadn’t scored three points with a kick over 40 yards this season. But hey, sometimes the magic’s there. And there was just enough to lift to soar the ball through the uprights and rip out the hearts of Cyclone fans back in Ames.

Garibay made the kick with three seconds left with a cast on his hand, and it was party time in Lubbock. The senior tore off his helmet and went running down the field. He joined his teammates, fans, and students who rushed the field.

Texas Tech Now Has Season College Kicking Record 

Garibay’s kick topped Oregon State’s Everett Hayes for the longest of the season. Hayes booted a 60-yarder against the home team Colorado Buffalos last week in a game that went two overtimes.

This week, it was Garibay’s turn. The kicker from California now has made all 10 of his field-goal kicks this season. 

Garibay broke the school’s record, set back in 1977. Blade Adams nailed a 57-yarder back in 1977 in a game against Texas A&M.

Who’s next for Texas Tech? That would be No. 10 Oklahoma State, who come to Lubbock for another night game.