WATCH: Tiger Woods’ 11-Year-Old Son Sinks Eagle as He Looks on

by Madison Miller

Like father, like son.

Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie Woods, spent some time on the golf course together a couple days ago.

Tiger Woods and Charlie in PNC Championship

Woods and his 11-year-old son participated in the PNC Championship father-son event in Orlando, Florida. The event consisted of 20 former major champions as they team up with family members to compete.

The question is really if little Charlie has any of that epic golfing skills coursing through his veins from his father.

He, at least, definitely has some of the fiery attitude and competitive spirit that his champion father has.

Major champion, Justin Thomas, spoke about Charlie Wood’s fun personality on the course.

“For some reason, Charlie just always wants to beat me, it doesn’t matter what it is … Although he’s never beaten me in golf or a putting contest, he still talks trash just like his dad. We’ll have that, like, inner tournament within a tournament, try to shut his little mouth up, but it will be fun,” Thomas said to USA Today.

Little Woods definitely has more than just some attitude, he also has quite the swing.

In a video on Twitter, the matching purple-wearing father-son duo are seen on the course together. Tiger Woods watches proudly as his son finishes the first eagle of the day.

Charlie’s Game

The big grin on Tiger’s face speaks volumes on his enjoyment watching his son play.

Even beyond feeling like he’s connecting with his son through golf just like he did as a kid with his dad, he sees some of his old self in his son.

“I wish I had his moves … I analyze his swing all the time … wish I could rotate like that and turn my head like that and do some of those positions. Those days are long gone. I have to re-live it through him,” Woods said.

Tiger Woods has been his son’s personal caddy in the past. Charlie Woods has won two events on the South Florida PGA Junior Tour. He even used forged clubs that require a very solid strike in order to have an effective hit. Charlie is proving to have a level of skill that may just lead him to a Master’s win just like his dad.

Both of the Woods’ skills were clear after taking a look at the championship’s scoreboard. They finished with an overall score of -7, which was a tie for fourth place with Team Lehman. Team Lehman is Tom Lehman and his son Sean.

Finishing in first was Team Kuchar, with an overall score of -10. This team consisted of Matt Kuchar and his son Cameron. This tournament is a tradition in golf that points out the ancestors in the game.