WATCH: Toddler Runs onto Field at MLS Game, Mom Runs After and Tackles Him

by Megan Molseed

Whoa boy. Or, should we say whoa “baby?!” One mother got quite a workout in as she ran to chase her toddler who had found its way onto the field during a Saturday evening MLS match.

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen it – when a very likely inebriated pitch invader runs onto the field looking for their moment in the sun. It can happen in any sport with a field, MLS, NFL, MLB…

Sometimes, these runners are fast enough on their feet that they can dodge the security guards who are most certainly in pursuit of the unwelcome addition to the field. But, they always get caught pretty quickly.

Of course, this most recent instance is entirely different. And, while many times camera crew and outlets avoid giving these fearless runners too much coverage to discourage the behavior, this most recent run on the MLS field has delighted viewers across the country. And, it’s very likely, this may be the first time a pitch invader is taken down by his own mother!

There’s A Baby On the Field!

The incident occurred Saturday evening in Cincinnati Ohio. The young soccer enthusiast decided it was time to burst onto the field in Cincinatti’s TQL Stadium during the second half of the Cincinnati versus Orlando MLS match-up. The game did eventually finish with a 1-1 score.

Fortunately, during the toddler’s mad-dash to becoming an MLS pitch-invader, the teams play was moving to the other end of the field.

MLS analyst and fan Chris Russell featured a hilarious play-by-play of the incident in a Sunday morning tweet that featured a video of the brave toddler escaping to join the teams.

“Great job baby,” Russell wrote in the caption.

Reports of the incident say that two-year-old Zaydek Carpenter and his mother, Morgan Tucker, both of Moscow, Ohio were enjoying some up-close seats during the Cincinnati vs. Orlando MLS soccer match this weekend.

As the soccer game was entering its second half, Carpenter decided to show off his very impressive speed as he took off across the MLS team’s field.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Zaydek’s mother to realize what was happening. The frantic mom ran after her son as he dashed on the field. Little Zaydek got quite a few yards onto the soccer field before his mother can catch up to her wayward son.

Frantic Mother Briefly Becomes MLS Security

When she finally does, the temporary MLS soccer stadium “security guard” catches the boy. Then, she immediately slips on the field falling flat on her back.

However, the mother simply stands back up and carries her son back into the stands where they watched the rest of the match.

Sam Greene, a photojournalist for the local paper, The Cinncinati Enquirer snapped a pic. This hilarious photo perfectly documents the adorable event.

“A young pitch invader was quickly scooped up by their own personal security detail without incident,” Greene joked on his Twitter post.

From the look on Zaydek’s mother’s face, one can bet that this isn’t the first time Morgan has had to chase down two-year-old Zaydek. And, it likely won’t be the last. Maybe, next time Zaydek and his mom will look into seats a little further back in the stands!