WATCH: Tom Brady, Buccaneers Get Late Pass Interference Call, Divides NFL Universe

by Joe Rutland

Did Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get help from NFL referees to beat the Green Bay Packers? Opinions, like flags, are in the air.

Let’s set the stage a bit. Brady was leading Tampa Bay down the field after Green Bay kicked a field goal late in the fourth quarter, making the score 31-26. Time was ticking off the game clock and Brady was looking to secure the victory.

With 1:45 left in the game, Brady threw a pass in the vicinity of receiver Tyler Johnson. Johnson fell down to the Lambeau Field turf, fellow Bucs players were pleading for a flag, and one came in…about 5-6 seconds after the play.

Take a look at the play and see if you can find a pass interference call yourself.

Now it looks like a Green Bay defender was tugging on Johnson’s jersey before he went down. Fans watching the game definitely had mixed feelings about the call itself.

Fans Air Grievances Against Tom Brady, NFL For Late Call

Of course, some of them were upset that Tom Brady got a call late in an important game. The referees throughout the NFC Championship Game hardly called any major penalties until this PI call.

One fan shared a photo of the Green Bay defender holding on to Johnson and said, “I mean, the refs have been letting both teams play the whole game, but this is UNQUESTIONABLY a defensive pass interference.”

Another fan chirps up and said, “Pass interference suddenly exists again, and the game is over. That seems fair.”

Then there are those fans who, well, didn’t really like that call at all. This one said, “ZERO pass interference calls in this game. AND the refs give it to the BUCS on the game winning drive. Looking at my cute 5 month old daughter so I don’t punch my TV.”

Another one said matter-of-factly that “I dont like the Pass Interference there. It goes against the flow of the game. They let a lot of that go already”.

This fan just makes his point plain and simple. He said, “Yes that was pass interference. Yes the refs have been letting them play. But that one was pretty obvious”.

As you can see, fans have mixed reactions around the call. One thing, though, is for sure: Tampa Bay will host the Kansas City-Buffalo AFC Championship Game winner in the Super Bowl at home in Tampa, Fla. Brady will be going to his 10th Super Bowl in his career. Nine previous trips were with the New England Patriots. Now, in his first season under Head Coach Bruce Arians, he’s going back with the Buccaneers.

Rob Gronkowski Shares His Favorite Brady Memory

This season, Tom Brady happened to have an old friend and former New England teammate join him in Tampa Bay. Tight end Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement and a reported future with World Wrestling Entertainment to play for the Bucs.

Brady and Gronkowski have been teammates for a long time. You probably could not find two players with more diverse personalities, with Brady being very health conscious and Gronkowski almost taking on mythic legend status as a partier.

One time, Gronkowski and Brady happened to attend one of America’s most famous horse racing events together. Their trip still is something Gronk holds dear to his heart, yet for a strange reason.

An ESPN reporter asked the gregarious Gronkowski about his favorite off-field memory with Brady.

“I would say going to the Kentucky Derby and seeing him take a shot,” Gronkowski said. “Just seeing his face after, like disgust, like, ‘I’m putting this alcohol in my body. How am I going to throw next week?’”

The tight end believed it was a “Fireball” that Brady ingested to bring about a look of shame.

Well, aren’t Brady and Gronkowski just two wild-and-crazy guys after all? Maybe not but they will play in the Super Bowl again very soon.