WATCH: UGA Head Coach Kirby Smart Smokes His Son in Beach Footrace

by Matthew Memrick

Georgia head football coach Kirby Smart showed he still had his running legs and competitive spirit during a recent beach trip. The agile 44-year-old coach took on his youngest son, Andrew, in a dash down the sandy beach and won. At one point, he even toyed with the young man, who leaped to the sand in a last-gasp attempt to win at the finish.

The full race video, posted on the official TikTok account of Georgia Football, was set to Matthew Wilder’s 1980s song “Break My Stride.”

Andrew’s no stranger to the video limelight. He famously snuck into his father’s ESPN interview in 2020. This time, Smart posted the beach dash in a loving moment of competition with the young man.

Smart said that he’d worked hard on his fitness while staying competitive since he took to the gridiron as a player. The former safety last played more than 20 years ago.

Father Beats Son, But How About Mom

“I can tell you this. I’ve figured this out. I’m not getting up at 6:30 (a.m.) again and going down with my wife to the Peloton to ride a bike,” the 2018 SEC Coach of the Year told ESPN college football interviewer Paul Finebaum recently.

In the 247Sports report, Smart went on to tell Finebaum that he initially thought he could keep up with his wife, Mary “Beth” Elizabeth. Mary Smart played basketball at Georgia (1999-2003) and was a former Miss Georgia Basketball in her senior year of high school. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she stays pretty active. She ran the Chicago Marathon in 2014 and stays fit with tennis.

“That only happened once and that won’t happen again” he said. “I made that mistake thinking that I could go down there and compete. I learned real quick that at 44, I’m not near as competitive as I used to be in the workout rooms.”

But coach Kirby Smart will need to keep his team competitive on the field for a big upcoming season. After an 8-2 season in 2020, he’s looking for more success in another big Southeastern Conference season. The team opens up its 2021 schedule on Sept. 4 against national powerhouse Clemson. Other big games ahead include Sept. 18 (South Carolina), Oct. 9 (Auburn), and Oct. 30 (Florida).

The coach, who has a lifetime 52–14 coaching mark, says he’s still balancing family, coaching, and fitness.

“I’ve got to find other ways to get my exercise done, but I’ve enjoyed the time around the kids (Weston, Julia, and Andrew),” Smart said. “So many people say it happens so fast that you blink, and they’re gone. We’re actually getting to be present in their lives more than we ever have. I may never get this time again. So just trying to make the most of that.”