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Sprawling Ranch Breaks Montana State Record with Jaw-Dropping Sales Price

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Move over John Dutton, this ranch is essential to Montana’s history and sold for a record price for the state. Reaching across Gallatin, Broadwater, Madison and Meagher counties, Climbing Arrow Ranch encompasses 80,000 acres. The exact price that the impressive land sold for is unknown. However, the last listing had the price set for a heart-stopping $136.5 million, the most expensive in Montana’s history.

Besides a gorgeous plot, the Montana ranch also has a claim to fame. According to Mansion Global, the property was a part of the setting in the 1992 movie A River Runs Through It which starred Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer. Of course, like most of Montana, the location is also a prime spot for elk hunting and trout fishing.

Since handling Climbing Arrow Ranch’s listing, owner and managing broker of Swan Land Company Mike Swan has deemed the Montana property “magnificent.”

Along with the “incredible recreation and agricultural amenities it offers,” the ranch also comes with 2,000 black Angus cattle. Not to mention, “miles of private fishing waters that probably less than 100 people have ever seen.”

Montana Ranch Comes with the Best of Both Worlds

Usually, with big ranches like this Montana property, there isn’t much happening in the surrounding areas. You’re either neighboring another ranch owner or separated from the rest of society with a long stretch of forestry. According to Swan, that’s not the case with Climbing Arrow Ranch. Instead, the new owners will be able to enjoy the privacy and serenity of their 80,000 acres and still be fairly close to town.

“There are a lot of magnificent ranches in our state,” Swan said. “But to be so close to the major metropolitan area is pretty unique.” 

The closest town to the gorgeous Montana ranch is Bozeman, a quickly developing mountain town that brings a bit of modern hustle bustle to the area. Of course, if the new owners prefer to be away from the town’s lights and sounds, there’s plenty to do on the property. Along with its thousands of cattle, the ranch also includes an owner’s residence, guest houses and employee accommodations. Truly a one-stop-shop, the land offers occupational amenities such as barns, corrals, workshops, mechanic shops, sheds and calving facilities as well.

With all of its resources and beauty, an opportunity to purchase a ranch like this comes once in a lifetime. In order to honor the late, original owners’ wishes, Swan made sure the property went to “someone who would enjoy it as a family ranch like they have, that would maintain an agriculture component.”

According to the buyers’ agent, Bryce Connery, this describes the new family exactly.

“They’re just humbled by the opportunity to expand on the Andersons’ legacy. They’re beyond excited,” Connery said. “They’ll be excellent stewards of the land.”