St. Jude Patient Surprised With Full-Sized Version of Monster Jam Toy Truck: VIDEO

by TK Sanders

Children’s cancer treatment hospital St Jude surprised a young patient named Calvin with a full-sized monster truck sporting his own design. Morning show Fox & Friends debuted the heartwarming segment late last week.

At a glance

  • A young cancer patient with an affinity for drawing monster truck artwork got a big surprise when a toy company wrapped a real monster truck with his art
  • Monster Jam toys wrapped the full-sized truck with pictures of emojis which depict the different emotions of chemotherapy
  • A portion of all monster truck toy sales with the emoji design will directly benefit St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which uses the money to treat childhood cancers at no cost to families

Calvin, 13, has taken to designing toy monster truck designs while enduring more than a year of chemotherapy and radiation. Monster Jam toys caught wind of Calvin’s story and decided to feature his latest design, titled “Emoji Strong,” on a line of their toy trucks. The toy company wanted to use his artwork for a special line of toys that directly benefitted St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. But, they also had a bigger surprise in store for the young cancer survivor.

Before the big surprise unveiling, Calvin, his mother Tiffany, and Monster Jam spokesman Bari Musawwir sat down for a virtual chat with Fox & Friends from inside a dirt track stadium.

When asked about his design, which features hand-drawn emojis that he says depict how he felt during chemotherapy, Calvin said the end result makes him feel “awesome.”

“It feels pretty good, yeah, it feels pretty awesome,” he said. “I started four years ago and these are the emojis I designed to show how I feel during cancer.”

According to Monster Jam, ten dollars of each monster truck toy sale goes directly to St Jude

Calvin explained that he included the love emoji, the funny emoji, and the bandage emoji among others to describe his treatment process. His mother, Tiffany, then opened up about the painful process of watching her son go through cancer treatment at such a young age.

“Calvin has gone through 18 months — well actually more than that because he relapsed — of grueling treatment,” Tiffany explained. “He’s always kept a happy face and he’s always joking. With all the doctors, all the nurses, he never has a sad face. Everyone’s like ‘I’d never know you were sick because you’re always so happy.’ So emojis are exactly his thing.”

So to celebrate Calvin’s inspiring design and unbeatable attitude, Monster Jam’s Musawwir introduced the big surprise of the day. The company wrapped a real-life monster truck with Calvin’s art as a surprise gift to him.

“Here at Monster Jam we like to do things big, you know on a grand scale. So Calvin, hold onto your seat man because we got something else coming for you,” Musawwir said as the monster truck barreled out of the tunnel.

The Fox hosts cheered as the truck rumbled up next to Calvin and his mother, who became emotional at the surprise unveiling.

“Look at that, Calvin it’s your little truck all grown up,” Fox host Brian Kilmeade said. “That’s crazy, that’s just awesome,” Calvin said with a big smile.

“It’s huge,” Tiffany said fighting back tears of joy. “It’s so amazing to see his artwork on a big scale.”