State of the Union 2022: President Biden to Outline Major Nursing Home Quality Overhaul

by Samantha Whidden

With the 2022 State of the Union Address to take place on Tuesday (March 1st), President Joe Biden is reportedly set to discuss various topics during his time on the podium. This includes a major overhaul of nursing home quality. Notably including minimum staffing levels and inspection improvements.

According to ABC News, President Biden is seeking to launch a major overhaul of nursing home quality in his State of the Union speech. The White House officials also announced on Monday that they have outlined more than 20 separations actions. Many of the plans are those that advocates approve. But, the industry may oppose the plans. However, there is one “major” missing element. New sources of the federal financing to pay for the upgrade. 

Harvard Health Policy professor, David Grabowksi speaks about President Biden’s State of the Union points. “Overall these are very positive developments. If you ask the industry, they’ll tell you this will put them out of business. If you ask an advocate, they’ll say there’s plenty of money in the system. I think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.”

President Biden’s nursing home plans also include moving nursing homes towards private rooms for their residents. This would direct federal regulators to explore plans to phase out living arrangements that house three or more residents within the same room. A White House policy document declares, “Despite the tens of billions of federal taxpayers’ dollars flowing to nursing homes each year, too many continue to provide poor, substandard care that leads to avoidable resident harm.”

Meanwhile, Mark Parkinson, President of the American Health Care Association, speaks about President Biden’s State of the Union talking points for the nursing homes. “Addition oversight without corresponding assistance will not improve resident care.”

President Biden Will Also Discuss Inflation During State of the Union Address

President Biden is also planning to discuss the inflation situation during his 2022 State of the Union address. 

The Hill reports that during his State of the Union Address, President Biden will announce a new four-piece plan. This plan will tackle rising prices in the U.S. However, during a recent phone call with reporters, senior administration officials did not say if the President will actually say the word “inflation” during the speech. The President will talk about price increases that become entrenched. Not that have already become entrenched.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, stated that the President will “absolutely” say inflation. “First, let me say, the President will absolutely use the word inflation tomorrow. And he will talk about inflation in his speech. Of course, that is a huge issue on the minds of Americans.”