Stimulus Check: How To Get $1,100 Check in at Least One State

by Victoria Santiago

Residents of CA have until today, February 15, to claim the state’s stimulus check. The payment can be worth up to $1,100.

To be eligible for the payment, residents must have lived in the state for more than half of the 2020 tax year. In addition to that, they must have earned less than $75,000 in 2020. To be able to claim the payment, CA residents must have filed their taxes by today. The payment is $600, with an additional $500 for dependents.

CA has been sending out statewide stimulus checks through its Golden State Stimulus program. In 2021, the program sent out $12 billion in relief. Thanks to this year’s state budget, more payments could be in the works.

Governor Gavin Newson revealed that this year’s budget for CA is a record one: $286.4 billion. The budget would have a surplus of almost $50 million, which is much higher than they had originally thought it would be. The surplus of $45.7 billion would easily leave room for more stimulus payments.

FL State Budget Also Allows For Stimulus Checks

CA isn’t the only state that is still offering relief aid to residents. FL, IN, and NY are all working on programs that would send out much-needed stimulus checks to residents.

FL’s stimulus checks also stem from state budget surpluses. And, just like CA, 2022 won’t be the first year that they’ve done this. However, FL is sending out payments for a select group of people. These extra payments are meant for teachers. Last year, the state was able to send Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers checks of $1,000. The bonus payment helped a tremendous amount of teachers throughout the state. Overall, 175,000 teachers and 3,600 principals benefited from the stimulus check in 2021.

According to his office, Governor Ron DeSantis made sure that there would be room in this year’s state budget to send out those payments again. So, thanks to him including that in the budget, teachers will once again be getting the $1,000 bonus payments.

IN Is Offering State Reserve Payments For Residents

The Sun reports that IN is offering payments of $125 to eligible taxpayers. However, this is less of a stimulus check and more of a state law. In the event that the state reserve reaches a certain amount of money, they have to send out some of it to residents. The best and quickest way to get the payment is to just file your taxes. If you do that, then the payment will be automatic. Residents will receive the payment through whichever way they set up their tax refund. This means that it could either arrive via check in the mail or through direct deposit.

However, there are a lot of residents in the state that do not have to file taxes. That doesn’t mean that they won’t also get the payment. The state will be working with its low-income residents to make sure that they get the extra payment.