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Stimulus Checks 2022: You Could Still Be Owed Up to $3,800

by Liz Holland
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Americans continue to receive stimulus checks throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Most Americans have only collected one to three stimulus checks from the federal government. However, some areas are providing additional relief at a state, and in some cases city level. As we say goodbye to the year 2021, there’s no need to say goodbye to stimulus. There’s still money available, worth $3,800 in total. 

As the year begins, a dozen states have already sent out checks for stimulus and other payments to eligible residents. However, some are still owed. We looked into who can still collect stimulus money, and how to do exactly that if you’re eligible! 

So far, Americans have received three federal stimulus checks. The most recent stimulus payment was worth $1,400, and available to the American people via the American Rescue Act. President Joe Boden signed the act into law back in March. Tens of millions of people have received their third round of stimulus payments, but there are a few reasons why you may not have received one yet. 

COVID Relief Options For Americans Living Abroad

If you’re currently living abroad or added a little one to your family in 2021, you may not have received your third stimulus check yet. Only a few thousand of those Americans currently living overseas have received stimulus checks during the pandemic, according to data reported by CNBC. One official says less than 1% of the stimulus package went to overseas recipients. Per the Department of State, about 9 million Americans are currently living outside of the country.

If you’re eligible, you should be able to claim missed stimulus payments on your tax return this year when you file. 

If you’re filing single and make up to $75,000/year, you’re eligible for the most recent round of government stimulus. Additionally, joint filers/couples earning up to $150,000/year are eligible to claim the most recent stimulus payment as well. 

If you make more money than what these thresholds call for, the $1,400 check fades out. For singles, eligibility caps at $80,000. For those filing their taxes as a couple, eligibility caps at $160,000.

Additional State Level Payments

On a state level, some places are still sending out their own stimulus payments. In California, the state is sending out its final round of payments from the Golden State Stimulus II program, which offered payments of up to $1,100 to Californians. 

The payments will be sent out until January 11th, to those living in zip codes 928-999. Under the program, any California resident that made less than $75,000 and filed their 2020 taxes prior to October 15th is eligible for the additional payment. 

St. Louis, Missouri, opened up applications for a $500 stimulus for residents last month. Applications are currently closed as the state reviews submissions. If you applied online or in person, you must wait until after your application is approved to receive your payment via a pre-loaded debit Mastercard. 

Eligibility is determined by being a STL resident for at least 12 months, in addition to earning 80% or less of the area’s median income. The city says they “will keep the public informed on any reopening of the application portal.”