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Stimulus Checks: Here’s Which Americans Could Receive Payments in 2022

by Shelby Scott
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Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have received a handful of government-issued stimulus checks. These saw disbursal as a way to boost the economy and help American families in times of need. Now, most stimulus payments have come to a conclusion. However, the latest news promises one particular group of citizens across the country could potentially receive a fourth stimulus payment as of 2022.

Soon, the monthly-distributed child tax credits will likely end as of December for parents across the U.S. Meanwhile, those individuals who’ve had a baby, or babies, this year could potentially be eligible for a fourth stimulus check. According to The U.S. Sun, those parents who’ve given birth this year could receive a check worth up to $1,400 next year. The outlet stated the amount would be similar to that which saw distribution in March.

Specifically, parents that notify the IRS of the birth of a child when filing their 2021 taxes will be eligible. Further, single parents bringing in under $75,000 annually and couples bringing in under $150,000 annually should receive the full payment.

Even more noteworthy, states including California and Connecticut have already begun organizing the payments.

Meanwhile, the outlet stated a handful of states across the U.S. are continuing to organize beneficial payments for Americans who suffered during the length of the pandemic. These benefits include payments sent as checks, unemployment benefits, and potential tax breaks.

Governments Luring Workers with Additional Stimulus Checks

While parents across the country wait to see whether or not they will receive the upcoming stimulus check, state governments have begun utilizing similar forms of payment to lure idle workers back into the job force.

Businesses and companies across the U.S. continue to struggle with employee shortages. Debates continue as to whether the labor shortage comes as a result of unwilling workers or unlivable wages. And so far, it appears a broad solution has not been reached. Regardless, in attempts to bring back workers, some states across the country have begun luring in workers with incentive checks. Some of which amount to $2,000.

Arizona features as one of those states. AZ governor Doug Ducey introduced his state’s Back to Work Program in May. Workers who went back full-time received checks totaling $2,000 while those who went back part-time received $1,000 in payment.

At the same time, Kentucky, Maine, and Montana also dealt major stimulus-like payments in attempts to rejuvenate the workforce.

Meanwhile, as states began distributing these additional stimulus payments, many others saw unemployment benefits tied to the coronavirus pandemic ending as early as July. The move came as a way to remove obstacles for employers looking to fill laborers’ roles.

However, regardless, states across the country continue to struggle with the American labor shortage.