Stimulus Checks: How to Apply for $1,000 Payments in Guaranteed Income Program

by Victoria Santiago

Applications open this week for a guaranteed income program in CA. The program will send out $1,000 checks for 17 months.

The applications opened on Friday, February 25, and will close on Sunday, March 6. After that, people will start getting approved for the guaranteed income program. However, only a few people will be able to get it. The program is only open for 25 people, which will be selected at random. The first payments will be sent out on April 15.

This money is made available through the West Hollywood Pilot for Guaranteed Income (WHPGI). You can learn more about this program and even apply for it online.

Other States Offering Guaranteed Income Programs

Overall, there are 17 states that are offering residents some kind of guaranteed income. These states are Alaska, California, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington.

Since these programs are state-based, benefits amounts vary. Not every state will offer residents the same amount of money. On top of that, the city or county you live in can affect your benefits. The criteria and process will differ by state. Most of the programs are run by local governments. If you need help with the process, there are local agents that should be able to help. State or county websites should also have information on the guaranteed income program.

There are some similarities with all of the programs, though. They will all give residents a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time. For most programs, this can range from one to two years. The payments can reach up to $1,000, like the one mentioned above. This money is typically thought of as having “no strings attached.” You’ll be able to use the checks as you see fit.

Georgia’s Program Will Send Out Payments For Two Years

For example, GA is currently creating a guaranteed income program that will last for two years. It’s set to be the largest income program in the South. The program is aimed at women and hopes to close the wage gap. The program is set to start soon. Some $13 million has been invested into it. The guaranteed income program will be run by the Georgia Resiliency and Opportunity Fund.

The program, called “In Her Hands,” will mostly focus on Black women that live in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. As a matter of fact, almost 40% of women in the Fourth Ward are currently living in poverty.

At least 650 people will be getting $850 from the program every month for two years. They’re also thinking about allowing some participants to get their money in one lump sum. There have been no spending restrictions specified by the program yet. Unlike the WHPGI program, there is no application for this. People will be chosen for the program based on their income.