Stimulus Checks: How IRS 6475 Letter Gives ‘Complete Picture’ on 2021 Payments

by Victoria Santiago

Last month, the important IRS 6475 letter was sent out to Americans across the country. This letter is essential for taxes. The letter contains details about all of the stimulus money that Americans have gotten. Not only will the letter be needed to file taxes, but it will also have information for people that might be owed more stimulus money. IRS 6475 letter will let filers know if they’re able to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit. The credit is worth up to $1,400 per person. A married couple with no dependents could get up to $2,800 with the rebate credit.

Overall, IRS 6475 letter aims to give everyone a “complete picture” of how much money they got from stimulus payments in 2021. This number could vary greatly because not everyone was eligible for every payment. For example, the IRS issued plus-up payments for people that didn’t get the full stimulus amount they were owed during the third round of checks. Obviously, not everyone was eligible for the plus-up payments. Many that did qualify for the extra payment did so because their income fell in between tax seasons.

IRS 6475 Letter Is Essential To Getting Your Tax Return Back Quickly

The IRS is expecting a lot of delays this tax season. According to experts, the federal agency has had issues with staffing and funding, not to mention having more paperwork to fill out due to the pandemic. That being said, the IRS reportedly still has a backlog of last year’s tax refunds to process. Of course, there are any number of reasons why someone’s tax refund might have been delayed so long. However, a big chunk of IRS issues comes from the several rounds of stimulus checks that have been sent out since the pandemic started. Many people have not been counting the payments correctly on their taxes. That’s why the IRS 6475 letter is so important.

To avoid having your 2022 tax return delayed, wait to file until you have your letter. There are other documents you may need to wait on, too. However, those depend on your family status. IRS letters aside, there are other things that could hold up your refund as well. To make sure you get your refund as fast as possible, double-check all of your forms before you submit them. All it takes is one wrong number or misspelled name. Pay attention to which forms you’re using, too. Depending on the type of work you do, you might need different forms to complete your tax return. In addition to that, signing up for direct deposit will typically make your refund arrive faster. That cuts out having to wait for it in the mail.

According to The Sun, resources are available online to help you with your taxes. Phone lines usually stay clogged up, but there’s a lot of information available on the IRS website. Due to staffing issues and delays, the website is the only option where you won’t have to wait for help.