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Stimulus Checks: Millions of Essential Workers Eligible for Check Worth $600, See Who Qualifies

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

Recent developments state millions of essential workers may now be eligible for a one-time stimulus check from the federal government. In a movement enacted by the US Agriculture Department, essential workers within agricultural industries may receive $600 payments in the coming weeks.

Those eligible employees include individuals who worked as grocery workers, farmworkers, and meatpackers throughout the pandemic. Of the decision, US Agriculture Secretary stated during a press call, the funds “are a reflection of the essential nature of the work [those individuals] performed during the pandemic.”

According to The Sun, the latest round of essential workers‘ stimulus checks come out of a $700 million program launched by the Agriculture Department. Overall, the payments are intended to reimburse those individuals hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

Further, the outlet stated the most recent sect of stimulus checks come out as nine million Californians should receive checks of the same amount. The California Franchise Tax Board sent out the payments in two-week intervals. One came on August 27th and the other on September 17th. Those expecting payments should see the funds in their accounts or in the mail beginning October 5th. They should continue to disburse throughout the ensuing days.

Child Tax Credits See Delays Among Latest Stimulus Check Release

As stated, many of our nation’s essential workers should expect to see an extra $600 in their pockets very soon. However, now, families across the nation remain frustrated at delayed stimulus payments and child tax credit disbursements alike.

The Sun stated that the latest round of stimulus checks should appear in bank accounts and mailboxes very soon. Though families continue to experience further frustration as coming funds see additional delays.

Throughout the disbursement of government payments and stimulus checks throughout the pandemic, numerous Americans saw intensely delayed dates of receipt. Some still wait on backlogged payments. And though the monthly child tax credit payments are only the latest in a string of disbursement delays, it nevertheless causes financial issues for familiar dependent upon that money.

The outlet stated the third round of the child tax credit payments went out on September 17th, however, the IRS shared on Friday the agency experienced “technical issue[s].” In regards to the delay, the agency further stated, “We know people depend on receiving these payments on time and we apologize for the delay.”

While addressing the latest disbursement issue, the IRS stated less than 2% of eligible families experienced the delay. However, supposedly, those affected should have seen the payments as of Friday, or “in the coming days.”

Conclusively, the latest stimulus checks should hit eligible workers’ accounts very soon. Additionally, as the child tax credits continue, there’s now been a further development for American families. The child tax credits, as part of the Affordable Care Act, could potentially continue to see monthly payments into 2025. However, decisions surrounding the movement are still pending. Should the action see denial, however, the child tax credit payments will end this December.