Stimulus Checks: Today Marks Last Day for $600 Payments

by TK Sanders
Photo Alan Schein Photography via Getty Images)

If you live in California and have yet to receive your final pandemic stimulus check, be sure to check your mailbox in the coming days. The California state government recently released one final check to some 180,000 residents residing in specific zip codes.

Payments are based on the last three digits of residents’ 2020 tax returns. Zipcodes ending in numbers 928-999, and those who meet other eligibility requirements, should see the $600 payment hit their mailbox or direct deposit account in the coming days.

Do I Qualify for a Stimulus Check?

To further qualify for the Golden State Stimulus II payment, you must have earned at least $1 but no more than $75,000 in the fiscal year 2020, including wages, tips, dividends, retirement income, and others.

Social Security payments do not affect your eligibility unless your only income in 2020 was Social Security, itself. In that rare case, you would not receive an economic stimulus check.

Besides the Social Security caveat, the only other requirement for eligibility is to have filed your 2020 taxes in California by October 15, 2021. With the program coming to close soon, the state’s franchise tax board will have released over 8 million payments during this stimulus round alone.

Special Circumstances and Larger Checks

A special $557 million in federal relief funds have also been set aside for certain Native American tribes, to be distributed based on their own laws.

For example, residents of the Navajo Tribe in California may be eligible for payments ranging from $2,000 for a single adult to $5,200 for a family of four. Navajo officials also voted for minors to receive $600. They approved the initiative on December 29. It was led by Jonathan Nez, President of the Navajo Nation.

California officials estimate that the additional payments will aid close to 350,000 Native Americans in the state.

Want More Government Money But Don’t Live in California?

The state of Vermont will pay you $7,500 to move North to the Green Mountain State. To qualify, migrants must move to the state after February 1, 2022. They must have a job that pays them above the state’s minimum wage and must work for an out-of-state employer.

Basically, Vermont wants workers who will invigorate their local economy and pay their state income taxes. Incoming workers have to prove that they used local companies for the move and will live in the state full-time.

Because of the requirements, the stimulus check is more like a grant. The state wants to reimburse workers for the expense of moving to Vermont. Therefore, if you decide to take advantage of this program, make sure to spend as much as you can (up to $7,500) on moving expenses. You will have to submit receipts for reimbursement.