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‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson’s Son Airlifted to Hospital After Being Shot

by Matthew Wilson
'Storage Wars' Star Dan Dotson's Son Airlifted to Hospital After Being Shot
Photo credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Storage Wars star Dan Dotson experienced every parent’s worst fear. An assailant shot his son Garrett on Sunday. Emergency first responders had to airlift him to the hospital for emergency surgery. Health officials expect Garrett to survive and make a recovery.

Dotson shared the news on his Twitter account, saying he received “The call you never want.” Initially, Dotson believed Garrett’s situation to be stable. But Garrett’s condition turned critical in the helicopter. The Storage Wars star asked his followers for prayers.

Emergency responders airlifted the ‘Storage Wars’ star’s son to Las Vegas.

According to what Garrett’s mother Laura told TMZ, Garrett had walked his date to the car in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Garrett heard someone say something, and an assailant shot him in the chest. Despite his condition, Garrett managed to call 911. Emergency responders rushed him to a local hospital. The bullet had hit a main blood vessel in his heart and also fractured his spine.

His injuries were severe enough that Garrett needed to be airlifted to a Las Vegas trauma ward. During the flight, a doctor saved Garrett’s life by placing his hand in Garrett’s chest to stop the bleeding.

After surgery, Garrett was able to move one of his feet. Dotson took to Twitter to thank both his followers for their prayers and the surgeon that save his son’s life. He posted an old photo of Garrett smiling with his mother.

Garrett is the youngest of Dotson’s children and the only child of Dotson with his wife Laura. He also helped his father through a health emergency of his own. In 2014, Garrett helped save his father’s life when the Storage Wars star collapsed from a double aneurysm. Garrett performed chest compressions on his father until emergency responders arrived.

Currently, no arrests have been made in the shooting. But local law enforcement are investigating the case.

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