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Strange UFO Formation Baffles Pilot in New Video

by Clayton Edwards
(image credit: KTSDESIGN/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY via Getty Images)

Imagine having a UFO experience, but instead of one craft, it’s over a dozen flying in formation. For some, that would be nightmare fuel. However, when faced with what looked like a squadron of unidentified crafts over the Pacific Ocean, one pilot was more amazed than afraid.

In the video below, you can see the UFO group flying in formation. If these are, in fact, UFOs they behave strangely. The clip shows three lines of four white lights flying above the clouds. As they move, one light on the left of the line will blink out and seemingly reappear on the other end of the line. Each line never contains more than four crafts/lights. However, they will sometimes go for a second or two with only three in some lines.

The pilot didn’t mince words. About the strange UFO group and their ever-changing formation, he said, “I don’t know what that is. That is some weird sh*t.” Indeed, it is, unnamed pilot.

UFO Squadron Flying in Formation: Still a Rare Sighting

In recent years UFO sightings have seemingly become more common. However, it’s probably more accurate to say that the public sees more reports these days. For one, social media makes it easy to share and discover odd occurrences. Additionally, the US government is once again openly investigating unidentified aircraft. As a result, they removed some of the stigma around reporting a UFO sighting. Still, seeing a UFO isn’t an everyday thing, and seeing a small squadron of them flying in formation is very rare.

This brings to mind another classic UFO sighting that involved several lights in a triangular formation. Back in 1997, thousands of people across Arizona, Nevada, and parts of Mexico saw triangular-shaped groups of lights. However, those lights didn’t blink in and out of existence. Furthermore, many believe that the lights were smaller parts of massive boomerang-shaped UFOs.

I Don’t Want to Be a Bummer Here, But…

Full disclosure, I’m a staunch believer. I’ve been watching the skies, studying reports, and watching videos for over a decade. But, being a believer and a skeptic go hand in hand. To my eyes, these lights look less like a UFO squadron flying in odd formation and more like some kind of reflection.

To me, there’s something about the way the lights blink out of existence near the end of the clip that doesn’t sit right. It seems that once they hit a certain point in the camera’s view, they’re no longer visible. Usually, when you see several crafts flying together, they don’t act like this. They’ll come in and out of view in unison or in some sort of pattern. Additionally, if you watch the final light, it slowly fades instead of just vanishing. However, I do agree with the pilot’s initial assessment. It’s pretty weird.