Sturgis 2021: How the Black Hills City in South Dakota is Preparing for the Motorcycle Rally

by Clayton Edwards

Sturgis is one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world. Motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers come from all around the globe to take part in the festivities. However, Sturgis 2021 is shaping up to be one of the biggest in recent memory. So, with the rally itself only a few short weeks away, the small South Dakota town is already bracing for a huge turnout.

Every year, close to 500,000 people roll into Sturgis, South Dakota for the rally. However, on a normal day, the six-square-mile town is home to just under 7,000 people. So, they have to take preparing for the rally very seriously. This includes everything from public works to corner pubs. Everybody has to brace themselves. Sturgis 2021 is already drawing huge pre-rally crowds. The world is opening back up and those who avoided the crowd last year will probably be making the trip this year. This is how the small town is getting ready to host all of those extra people.

Small Town Makes Big Changes for Sturgis 2021

Much work has already been done to prepare for Sturgis 2021. However, they still have a few weeks left to get ready and more work to do.

On the government side of things, the city is establishing ordinances for street use. At the same time, the public works department is working on getting signs ready as well as modifying traffic and parking areas for the rally. They are also hiring seasonal help to make the work easier, according to KOTA TV, a local ABC affiliate.

The city’s public information officer, Christina Steele, told KOTA TV that they are expecting a bigger-than-normal turnout for Sturgis 2021. In fact, tourism in the area is already booming. She said that campgrounds and hotels in the area aren’t just booking already, they’re expanding to accommodate the demand.

Restaurants and bars in the area are gearing up for Sturgis 2021 as well. For them, that preparation means hiring more staff, expanding hours, and stockpiling supplies to make sure they have plenty to go around. KELOLAND, a Sioux Falls-based news outlet reported on what some businesses are doing.

According to the report, one restaurant, Uncle Louie’s Diner, is already seeing an increase in customers as the pre-rally crowd rolls in ahead of Sturgis 2021. David Steward, owner of Uncle Louie’s said that he thought they were busy last summer. However, they’re already seeing bigger crowds this year. He has come to accept the fact that they’re, “just going to be full the whole time.” To prepare, he is hiring more staff as well as expanding their hours. On a normal day, Uncle Louie’s is open from 8 am to 2 pm. However, during the rally they will be open from 7 am to 10 pm.

So, if you’re making the trip to the Black Hills this August know that the city is ready for you and hundreds of thousands more people.