Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021: Check Out the Most Impressive Looks From the Beard & Mustache Contest

by Clayton Edwards

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally isn’t just about the bikes. It celebrates the culture surrounding motorcycles and their riders. With that in mind, they hold several contests every year that put the riders as well as the culture front and center. For instance, there is an annual tattoo competition. In that competition, attendees show off the ink they’ve been carrying down the road or fresh ink from the rally. After all, when you think of bikers one of the first things that come to mind is tattoos. The next is probably facial hair.

The image of the bearded biker is engrained into pop culture. This is because motorcycle enthusiasts are known to have glorious crops of hair on their faces. So, to celebrate that aspect of biker culture, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally holds an annual beard and mustache competition.

Earlier today the official Instagram account of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally dropped some photos of this year’s competition. Check out the collection of photos below to see some glorious biker beards.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Beard & Mustache Contest

 There are six categories for contestants to enter. The “Papa Beard,” category is for full beards that are at least six inches long. At the same time, the beards have to be natural. Contestants aren’t allowed to use any styling products on their beards.

The “Baby Beard,” category has the same restrictions. However, the category features beards under six inches.

There is also the “Beer Soakin’ Mustache” category for those who grow full, natural mustaches.

Those who headed to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with styled facial hair can enter as well. The “Double Dapper,” category is for guys who have natural beards of any length with distinctly styled mustaches.

The “Dapper Stache,” category is for those who have styled soup strainers but no beard.

The most interesting category at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Beard and Mustache Contest is the “Whiskerina” category. That one is strictly for the ladies. The women construct their own beards. The contest is judged on craftsmanship, creativity, and overall appearance, according to the Sturgis website.

It looks like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Instagram account shared the winner of each category. There’s no denying that the first photo is a “Papa Beard.” That’s the kind of beard that only bikers and wizards can pull off.

The second picture showcases a very “Dapper ‘Stache.” In fact, from the final photo in the slideshow, it looks like his was the most dapper mustache at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The “Whiskerina,” contender in the eighth photo was very resourceful. It looks like she used her hair to construct a beard and mustache. She should have gotten extra points for the braided beard.

Personally, I think the best of the bunch was the “Papa Beard,” in the third slide. That beard has seen some things and some miles. However, it doesn’t look like he walked away with the win.