Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021: How Harley-Davidson Prepared for the Event

by Clayton Edwards

This year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally might be the biggest one in history. People from all around the world are riding into the Black Hills for the event. After a year of travel restrictions and other obstacles, they’re all ready to take part in the rally. The city of Sturgis knew it was going to be a massive rally. So, they started preparing over a month ago. At the same time, Black Hills Harley-Davidson took time to prepare for the event.

“Very robust,” is how Al Rieman, co-owner of Black Hills Harley-Davidson described this year’s turnout at Sturgis. However, he said there’s no real way to know how many people are going to come to the rally. “It’s not a gated event, you don’t sell tickets or make reservations ahead of time to be on our lot. So, we don’t know exactly,” he told a local news outlet.

After years of running the Harley-Davidson dealership, Rieman has learned what to expect. He said, “My feeling after doing this a long time, is that this is going to be one of the biggest rallies ever.” In fact, they’re expecting over 100 vendors to show up for the rally. That isn’t counting the hundreds of thousands of riders.

The Harley-Davidson dealership will be right in the middle of the action at the rally. They’ll have an enormous tent that houses hundreds of used motorcycles. Every year, Sturgis attendees spend millions of dollars on average. This year, they’re looking to make the purchases of a few used Hogs part of that number.

Black Hills Harley-Davidson and Others Are Ready for the Rally

Sturgis, South Dakota is a fairly small town. Most of the time, the town houses just under 7,000 people. However, for about ten days every year, their population balloons to about 507,000. The usually empty streets are full of Triumphs, Indians, Harley-Davidsons, and other bikes every August. Motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the world roll into the six-square-mile town and call it home while they enjoy the scenery, entertainment, and fellowship.

Due to the huge influx of riders, the Harley-Davidson dealership isn’t the only business that has to prepare for the rally. For instance, restaurants and bars have to brace themselves. Some local establishments hire extra staff, expand their hours, and try to order enough food and drink to keep the legions of attendees happy.

The people of Sturgis knew that this year’s rally was going to be huge. So, they made sure to go in as prepared as possible. It’s a good thing they did, too. The mayor of Sturgis said that this year’s opening ceremony was the biggest he had ever seen. At that point, the rally was just getting started.