Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021: Meet 8-Year-Old Running Free Lemonade Stand Capturing Bikers’ Hearts

by Clayton Edwards

Anybody who has lost hope in the current generation of kids needs to look at Wyatt Dennis. He’s only eight years old and he already has a good head on his shoulders. We talked about Mr. Dennis on Sunday. He’s the kid who is running the lemonade stand near the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. One rider visited his stand and posted about it. It didn’t take long for Wyatt’s donation-only lemonade stand to go viral.

However, it didn’t just make a bunch of people on the internet smile. In fact, many thirsty Sturgis attendees made the trip out to visit the lemonade stand. There is no word on how many people e have stopped by. However, some numbers are available. As of Sunday morning, Wyatt had collected just over \$4500. By Monday afternoon, that total was up to nearly $11,000.

Wyatt’s lemonade stand near Sturgis became such a hot topic that he and his family were featured on Fox and Friends yesterday afternoon via video call. During their chat, the family talked all about the success of the lemonade stand and more.

The Dennis Family Discusses Sturgis Lemonade Stand

Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt asked what Wyatt would do with the money he raised during the Sturgis Rally. The young entrepreneur replied, “Fifty percent goes to college. Thirty-five percent goes to St. Jude.” The remaining fifteen percent, he said, is going toward buying a dirt bike.

Then, Ainsley asked Wyatt’s dad, Devin, what his reaction was to the lemonade stand that is causing a stir among Sturgis attendees. He said, “I’m just in awe about what has taken place here. He’s brought hope back to people and it’s been quite inspirational for me.”

Wyatt’s mother, Robin, beamed with pride when Earhardt asked for her reaction.

“It’s just been unbelievable,” Robin replied. “We were definitely not prepared for this, but it has just been awesome. It’s amazing to see so many people that not only come up and donate but also pitch in with donating lemonade.”

To wrap up the interview, the host asked Wyatt why he wanted to donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. He said that his reasoning was twofold. First and foremost, he wanted to “help kids out,” with his donation. At the same time, one of Robin’s friends is attempting to raise money for the hospital. So, he gets to help both the children and a family friend.

If you couldn’t make it to Sturgis but still want to donate to Wyatt’s lemonade stand, you can. Derek Swain, who put up the now-viral post about Wyatt’s stand updated the original post. In the update, he said that Robin Dennis told him that people could send funds to @robinjaydennis on Venmo. That money will go to Wyatt’s lemonade stand fund.