Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021: See Photos From the Legendary 5K Run

by Jonathan Howard

The fun has begun at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021. Among the many events and fun activities that organizers have put together includes the Legendary 5K Run. The annual event gives attendees a chance to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. This year, runners, joggers, and walkers got out and hit the pavement.

Everyone knows that Sturgis is home to the most famous motorcycle rally in the country. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people attend the popular rally. After a down year in attendance last year, this year the crowds are back in full force and participation in all the events is too. For the 5k, it looks like the winner crossed the line in just over 21 minutes according to the Instagram post.

Amid all the Olympic fervor and summer weather, 5ks are a popular way for folks to get out and get active. Each year, the Sturgis Legendary 5k Run raises money for deserving charities. As one of the more consistent events held, the 5k attracts a decently sized crowd year in and year out.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021 expects to host 700,000 people over the course of the 10-day event. Throughout the small South Dakotan town, concerts, rides, food and drink, and more await attendees. There are so many artists that will play across various genres of rock and country music. If someone is bored at Sturgis, they are likely trying to be bored with all the events available.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021 Events

Besides great photos and events coming out of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021, there are some heartwarming stories as well. During the beginning days of the event, a young boy raised quite a bit of money selling lemonade. With the lemonade stand set up at the rally, the boy only accepted donations for his refreshing drinks. The money raised is going to a well-deserving charity.

Two of the rally’s biggest corporate proponents have done all they can to make the rally a success. With Budweiser bringing in the Clydesdale horses for the opening ceremony, there has been some investment into the sights and scenes of the event. Harley Davidson prepares multiple events, sales, special deals, and other fun for the thousands of attendees.

This event is so large, that even if you can’t attend, there is a way to see all the action. There were multiple live stream cameras set up throughout downtown Sturgis. This gave those far away from the event a small taste of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021. While the event has encountered its issues, there has been little to slow the festivities down. With the 5k run today, more photos are coming out of the more mundane activities and events that take place at Sturgis.