Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: See all the Photos and Social Media Reactions

by Hunter Miller

Is This Year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally An Experiment?

Given that the rally marks the biggest public gathering in months, many on social media consider this year’s event an “experiment.”

Governor Noem offered her support for the rally. Noem stands against those who hope to continue the lockdowns that cripple the country’s economy.

During an interview with Fox News, Noem stated: “That is exactly what is happening — we are allowing them to take control of our country in a way that we haven’t seen before, so we need a few people to stand up, read our history, talk about the importance of our Constitution and the fact that these governors need to recognize that they need to uphold those freedoms that we hold so dear and don’t know these people to take care of their families and make the right decisions and deal with this virus, much like we do every other challenge that comes our way and Americans tackle it together.”