Sunday Night Football Featured the Steelers, Chargers, and a Massive Fart

by Josh Lanier

The Steelers and Chargers really cut loose on Sunday Night Football. The team’s scored a collective 78 points, but that’s not what people were talking about after the game. No, fans wanted an instant replay on an unimportant play during the first half when someone in the broadcaster booth farted, or so it sounded. Now, Twitter is determined to get to the bottom of this.

If you missed Sunday Night Football this week, do not fret. Here is the toot in question.

Ben Roethlisberger was driving the Steelers downfield early in the second quarter when someone — it sounded like — let one rip. The QB is in the shotgun when just before rookie Kendrick Green hikes the ball, someone let one fly.

So, let’s cut to the cheese — I mean, chase. It sounded like a fart. It even got a laugh from one of the announcers. Though, it’s tough to know who was the supplier. Most people are blaming Al Micheals. The giggler sounds like Chris Collinsworth, and he does look like the type of guy who laughs at his farts.

Or could it be Kenrick Green, the Steelers center? The Sunday Night Football mics are pretty good, and they pick up a lot of on-the-field noise.

It’s impossible to tell. But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from trying to find out.

There are hundreds of posts on the social media site demanding answers. Now we just sit back and wait to see who denies it first.

The sad reality is it probably wasn’t a fart at all. The most likely perpetrator is no perpetrator at all. Someone probably brushed up against a mic or a chair groaned as someone shifted their weight, and the sound was enough to get a chuckle out of Collinsworth.

Al Michaels Curses His Way Through a Golf Game

When he’s not hotboxing a broadcasting booth, Al Michaels is stinking up a golf course with his awful play. He recently went on the Peyton and Eli Manning’s ManningCast where they confronted him with a video of his bad form on the links.

Michaels joked that they couldn’t show it because watching him play a round of golf was like watching “porn. … It’s X-rated.” I didn’t expect to ever hear Al Michaels say porn so that’s an interesting turn of events. Also, it’s less like porn and more like a snuff film for anyone who likes golf. Though, he redeems himself by throwing his clubs and cursing like the rest of us do after a bad shot.

The video opens with Al Michaels shanking a drive and screaming “you piece of human (beep).” Something else I never thought I’d hear the “Do you believe in miracles” guy say.

You can see the clip below. The curse words are beeped, but unfortunately, they don’t block out Michaels’ swing.