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Super Bowl Halftime Show: The Weeknd’s Bandaged Army Has People Feeling Confused

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime show generally received high praise on social media. But there were so many confused folks who had no idea what the bandages were about.

Were you among the confused?

The Weeknd didn’t wear the bandages. The dancers did. They were dressed in black pants and red jackets with bandages covering their faces. And that’s actually a tweak from recent appearances.

Here’s the performance. Stay with us to the other side and we’ll explain.

The Weeknd Usually Plays a Bandaged Character.

So, let us explain what’s up.

The Weeknd has played a character for two years. And the character gradually wears more bandages. The Weeknd says it’s social commentary.

“The significance of the entire head bandages is reflecting on the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrity,” The Weeknd told Variety. “And people manipulating themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated.

The Weeknd introduced the music world to this character with his “After Hours” album in November 2019. The album spawned two hits — “Blinding Lights and “Heartless.” The videos featured The Weeknd wearing bandages to go with the red jackets and black pants. He explained it by saying the character had a bad night in Vegas.

He likes to stay in character when he makes appearances. It’s Weeknd performance art. Or, as he said: “This character is having a really bad night, and you can come with your own interpretation of what it is.”

The character drinks too much. He has a fight. Maybe there’s some demonic possession.

It Got Weird At November Awards Show

The Weeknd performed at the American Music Awards dressed as the character. He also accepted awards dressed in the character. And it got people talking. Did he have plastic surgery? The bandages were so confusing.

However, when he appeared in Super Bowl promos, there were no bandages. He looked like himself, pre-November, 2019.

When the Super Bowl dancers appeared with bandages, Sunday, it got people talking again.

Twitter Explodes With Bandages Comments

Here’s a sampling of social media reaction. So if you wondered about the bandages, don’t feel bad. You weren’t the only one.

“I like The Weeknd, but I don’t understand this halftime show. I’m trying to figure out what I’m seeing: A city scape, tombstones, angels, a gold maze, dancers in full face bandages (& masks, at least)… I analyze things for a living & I’m so, so confused. What does it all mean??”

“The Weeknd is absolutely fxxxxxg crushing it and it’s just creepy enough that I will for sure have weird dreams tonight. Here for it.

“Someone needs to explain that face bandage thing to me, tho.”

“I actually think it’s brave he made this halftime show about how to bandage concussions.”

“Whoever made the call to have all these backup dancers wear bandages on their faces as a way of having them wear masks… genius.”

“I like the dancing dudes in the facial bandages; it’s giving me some Liam Neeson Darkman vibes… only the realest of ones know about OG Darkman.”

Now, you’re all caught up on the Super Bowl pop culture references. Go watch the game.