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Surprise $1000 Stimulus Check Sent Out to Some in Seven States: Here’s If You Qualify

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Douglas Sacha via Getty Images)

Since 2020, many Americans have received stimulus checks to help them mitigate the economic effects of the pandemic. Additionally, this year saw the introduction of the advance child credit payments. Now, as 2021 draws to a close, certain residents in seven states will receive up to $1000 on top of what they’re already getting in the form of child tax credits and other stimulus payments.

Tennessee, New Mexico, Vermont, New Hampshire, Florida, California, and Connecticut residents will receive these extra payments. However, not all residents of those states are eligible for the upcoming stimulus checks. In fact, it is safe to say that most don’t qualify, but those that do will be glad for the help.

December Stimulus Checks: Do You Qualify?

According to The US Sun, each of the seven states has its own criteria to receive the extra stimulus checks. Some are income-based while others are based on losing or finding a job. Additionally, some states are offering extra cash to teachers and principals.


Teachers in Tennessee will get an extra stimulus check this month. The checks will come in two different amounts. Full-time teachers in the Volunteer State will receive a check worth $1,000. Tennessee teachers who work part-time will receive a $500 stipend.

Vermont Offers the Largest Stimulus Checks

Vermont residents who worked in the hospitality or construction industries during the pandemic may be eligible for up to $7,500. Workers in those industries who had to move due to unemployment during the pandemic can get stimulus checks to cover their moving and relocation expenses.

New Mexico

Some New Mexico residents weren’t able to get government funds over the summer. Now, they can re-apply for stimulus checks. Those New Mexico residents could get up to $750 if they qualify for the current stipend.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is looking out for its citizens who need it most. Families of three who don’t have an income are eligible for another stimulus check. They’ll receive a one-time payment of $1,086.

Florida Sends Stimulus Check to Teachers, Principals

Tennessee isn’t the only state that is looking out for the people who mold our children’s minds. Florida will send stimulus checks worth $1,000 to both teachers and principals for their continued service during these hard times. However, this isn’t exactly a new development. The state started sending out these stipends in August.


Connecticut has been offering the Back to Work stimulus program to its residents. That program ends at the end of December. However, those who lost their jobs during the pandemic and found a new one will get one more $1,000 check.


California residents who filed their 2020 tax returns by October 15th are eligible for stimulus checks this month. Those who make up to $75,000 annually will be able to receive up to $1,100 in stimulus funds.