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‘Swarm’ of ‘Tic-Tac Shaped’ UFOs Chase US Navy Destroyers: Report

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Phil Mislinski/Getty Images)

It’s Saturday so why not dive down the UFO rabbit hole? The United States Navy released a new infrared image, captured in July of 2019. The photo shows several “tic-tac shaped” UFOs that had chased four destroyers off of California’s coast. The image captures just three of what was deemed a “swarm” of UFOs that converged on the ships multiple times.

According to the Daily Mail, the Navy simply identified the mystifying UFOs as UAS or unmanned aerial systems. The image, provided within the article, shows three such UAS as they hovered above the USS Paul Hamilton that summer. Further, the outlet revealed the USS Paul Hamilton’s encounter was only one of many the fleet saw over several weeks.

Navy Ships Experience UFO Encounters After Disabling Location Broadcasting

As to the UAS in the photo, the outlet reported these were seen around 8 p.m. on July 17th. The incident took place after the USS Paul Hamilton cut off its location broadcasting. The broadcasting system, more technically known as the ships’ Automatic Identification System, gets shut off during times requiring increased security.

The Paul Hamilton marks the first ship to see the correlation between its broadcasting system and the UAS arrivals. However, the remainder of the fleet noticed similar instances with the two separate occurrences.

In the weeks’ long encounters, crews consistently reported seeing red flashing lights. However, on one occasion, crews aboard the USS John Finn reported an inconsistency with the red-light sightings. Instead, they witnessed a UFO with a bright white light. This particular drone reportedly hovered directly above the ship’s flight deck, and traveled at speeds reaching 16 knots, navigating well despite low visibility.

As per the outlet, the UFO’s capabilities far surpassed those of any commercially available drone.

One thing we can take solace in is knowing the Navy ships weren’t the only nearby watercraft to spot the UFOs. On one occasion, the USS Rafael Peralta became swarmed by four separate drones. At the time, the destroyer saw contact with a passing cruise ship, identified as the Carnival Imagination, the civilian ship stating they too had witnessed the UFOs.

Investigators Stumped by Swarming UAS

The 2019 UFO sightings remain a mystery among investigators and various agencies nearly three years later.

As of April 2021, the news outlet reports the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael Gilday, said the military remained unsuccessful in identifying the small drone army. Further, the Department of Defense shared no further information regarding the event.

At the time of the UFOs’ sightings, several of the ships’ onboard photo intelligence teams, its actual name abbreviated to SNOOPIE, began analyzing the events. The teams worked to identify potential threat levels presented by the UFOs though to no avail.

In addition to Navy personnel, the UFO sightings drew the involvement of Los Angeles’s FBI. However, after increased frustration, the Daily Mail reports officials had begun to turn their eye toward San Clemente Island. Here, the large Naval Base handles sensitive training operations.