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Car Crashes Through Entire Front of Taco Bell, Photos Show

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images)

A Taco Bell diner in Arkansas apparently could not wait any longer for a meal. The customer at the fast-food chain crashed their vehicle directly through the front door.

The Jonesboro Police Department responded to the one-vehicle crash around 5 p.m. on Sunday at the Taco Bell on Caraway Road. The police department shared photos of the incident on Facebook.


The police department captioned the post: “Jonesboro Police Department is on scene of a one vehicle wreck at Taco Bell on Caraway Rd. A vehicle drove into the front door of the restaurant — no injuries, incident appears accidental.”

The photos show a black SUV inside the restaurant’s dining room. Debris and glass cover the restaurant floor and the front door appears totally destroyed. Following the crash, police managed to remove the vehicle from the building.

Police reported no injuries in the incident. The department also mentioned that the crash appeared to be accidental.

After sharing photos of the incident on social media, a number of Facebook users chimed in with commentary on the crash. “I don’t think that’s what drive-through means,” one person wrote. Another user claims that she was in Taco Bell during the crash. “I was there and the lady that drove through is one of the managers,” one Facebook user wrote.

Other Facebook users spotted the durability of the car, which appeared unscathed. “I like how there’s no apparent damage to the car even though it drove through a freaking building,” one person wrote. “What kind of car is this? It’s crash ratings must be impeccable,” another commented. “No scratches, front end isn’t banged up. I need me one of those.”

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