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Taco Bell Asks Customers to Help Recycle Sauce Packets, 8 Billion Packets End Up in Landfills Each Year

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell)

Climate change is now irreversible and our planet sees constant contamination and destruction due to an overabundance of garbage. In response, Taco Bell has taken a stand in reducing waste in landfills. With so many fans worldwide, the fast-food chain now encourages customers to recycle their collection of sauce packets.

Their size may seem small and insignificant. However, the sauce packets actually contribute to a lot of trash within landfills each year. According to a Delish article, 8 billion empty Taco Bell sauce packets find their way into landfills annually. In response to the unimaginable collection of waste, Taco Bell created a new program for recycling the teeny sauce packets.

As a part of their eco-conscious move, the popular food chain partnered with the brand, Terracycle. Their partner company Terracycle makes their name by recycling hard-to-recycle items, Taco Bell sauce packets being one of those items.

Ridiculous as it may seem, the program revolves around mailing your trash back to Taco Bell’s new partner company. According to the food news outlet, the program, for now, is simply referred to as the Sauce Packet Recycling Pilot Program. Based on the name, the new partnership plans on testing the practice out before truly committing.

Below, we’ve provided the steps Outsiders can take to enroll in the program and help better our planet.

  1. Visit Taco Bell’s website.
  2. Create an account for the Sauce Packet Recycling Pilot Program.
  3. Collect your used Taco Bell sauce packets in a box.
  4. Once you’ve filled the box, simply print out the free shipping label provided by Terracycle. Then, just send the saucy box on its way.

That’s it! The program seems like a straightforward one, full of good intention. Once Terracycle receives your box, the sauce packets are then cleaned and melted down, and prepped for use as something new.

Taco Bell Leads with Several New Innovations

The Mexican chain’s latest endeavors surround the betterment of planet Earth. Although, their previous innovation saw a continuation of the ongoing Chicken Wars, sparked by Popeye’s with their spicy chicken sandwich.

An August article saw the announcement of the Mexican food chain’s latest chicken sandwich-based item. Popeye’s and others work to improve their chicken sandwich recipes. However, Taco Bell has altered its definition of a chicken sandwich altogether.

At the time of the announcement, Taco Bell did not announce the official name of their new item. They simply referred to it as their sandwich-taco. The image of the new item, however, portrays a thick, shell-like outside with, of course, spicy crispy chicken folded into the creation.

While the new item just dropped earlier this month in Taco Bells across the United States, the food chain further hosted a debate between two college debate teams in preparation for the new item’s release. The airing of the debate, which took place on September 4th, concerned whether the new item was more sandwich or more taco. For Taco Bell fans nationally, we hope you got your answers. And if you haven’t tried the new item yet, head on over to your local Taco Bell and let us know what you think.