Taco Bell Set to Give Out Free Tacos for a Year: Here’s How to Qualify

by Shelby Scott

If you’re anything like us here at Outsider, we know you too suffer those persistent Taco Bell cravings. You know, the one that plagues you all week until payday. And then you have no choice but to go fill that craving. Fortunately for Taco Bell fans, there is now a way for individuals to receive free tacos for an entire year. Read on to see how you can qualify.

A year ago yesterday, Taco Bell marked the first anniversary of the Taco Bell Rewards program. According to delish, the beloved taco franchise is offering 100 “superfans” who enter their contest the opportunity to get access to all of the free tacos. And fortunately, entering the contest is mega easy, especially for those who already have the Taco Bell Rewards app on their phone.

The contest began yesterday and “winners will be contacted through August 18.” To enter the contest, those interested should scan the barcode at the bottom of their Taco Bell receipts with their app. From there, all you’ll have to do is enter the email verification code you’ll receive once submitting the barcode. Those who are not yet Taco Bell Rewards members also have access to the opportunity as well. Just enroll in the program and free tacos could be yours.

Taco Bell is Experiencing a Shortage of Basically Everything

Admittedly, we really are super-duper excited about the free taco opportunity. However, we’re not so sure the company will be able to follow through. At least, when it comes to the taco ingredients. A little over a week ago, the franchise uploaded a bright orange banner to the top of its website. In it, they apologize to and warn fans that for now, there is going to be a shortage of several menu favorites. These products include beef, chicken, hot sauce, and 10-inch taco shells.

While customers took up their complaints with the fast-food eatery online, what followed is even more worrisome. According to a previous article, Taco Bell “failed to indicate how widespread the problem is at the moment.” Additionally, the company blamed delays in delivery across the United States for their lack of product and ingredients. The CEO of Yum Brand, the company that supplies Taco Bell with its ingredients, stated back in late April that the ongoing chicken sandwich wars have led to an overall tightening in poultry supply.

Taco Bell hopped in on the “chicken wars” trend back in May and has been trying to “keep up with the demand” since. They joined the race with a “fan-favorite” item, the naked chicken chalupa, which features a taco shell made of chicken. Several months ago, the chief food innovation officer for Taco Bell, Liz Matthews, promised more new items as the chicken wars wage on. However, we just hope the franchise gets its ingredients and its food items back on its feet. That is, at least before they start awarding superfans all these free tacos.