Taco Bell Re-Enters Chicken Sandwich Wars With Announcement of ‘Chicken Sandwich Taco’

by Shelby Scott

Over the last couple of years, Taco Bell has had some pretty innovative food concepts. However, debuting September 2nd in the company’s locations across the country, Taco Bell announced their latest chicken sandwich-themed item. The item won’t be available until next month. Althoough the popular food chain did share in a press release that the sandwich-taco was tested in two different locations. They include Nashville, Tennessee and Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to Taco Bell’s Global Chief Food Innovation Officer Liz Matthews, “Our new crispy chicken innovation is far from the average chicken sandwich, and we’re certain we’ll get a spicy reaction from sandwich and taco fans alike.”

The new chicken sandwich innovation is only the most recent to arise from fast food chains’ ongoing chicken wars. FOX stated Popeye’s began the chicken wars in 2019 when they released their now-famous chicken sandwich. Curious taste testers at the time flocked to Popeye’s locations, often sharing their thoughts and the hype across social media. Following the sandwich’s release, food chains nationally took on their own endeavors to replicate a version of Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

Further, Taco Bell is celebrating the release of the new menu item with a good old-fashioned debate. The debate surrounds the idea of whether the new product is either more sandwich or more taco. Matthews said, “Even the masterminds from our test kitchen couldn’t decide if [the item] was more taco or sandwich, which is why we’re excited to bring in the debate team experts to have some fun.”

The debate takes place between two college debate teams, set to air September 4th during the Georgia vs. Clemson football game.

Taco Bell Frequently Seeks New Ways to Enrich Customer Experience

While Taco Bell prepares for the release of its newest chicken-themed product, they’ve also been working on new plans to update chain locations. Recently, the New York Post shared an article surrounding the idea of a gravity-defying Taco Bell location. They also shared an image of what the futuristic design would look like.

Designers shared an image of what the new architectural plan would look like, entitling it, “Taco Bell Defy.” Taking on attributes of a bank structure, the new design suggests food “defying gravity,” as the company works to further incorporate its mobile ordering app. The news outlet said the first location to premiere the new structural design will be in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Additionally, Taco Bell consistently updates its menu, causing much distress for customers. Most recently, the chain saw the removal of the fan-favorite taco pizza, shredded chicken, and, sadly, pico de gallo. Taco Bell also previously removed its popular diced and fried chunks of potato, however, following much backlash, returned the item to the menu.

Hopefully, as the new item premieres, Taco Bell doesn’t throw us for an emotional loop should they decide to remove any fan-favorite items simultaneously.