Taco Bell Releasing Mouthwatering Remix to the Baja Blast Freeze This Summer

by Evan Reier

Whatever Taco Bell and Mountain Dew put in Baja Blast is concerningly addictive. Pairing a Baja Blast with a cravings box is the classic Taco Bell experience.

Really, the reason why Baja Blast is so good is because it’s just a slightly different thing than you’re used to. Technically flavored “Tropical Lime,” the Taco Bell-exclusive soda has been rocking taste buds since 2004.

However, they found a way to improve the drink even further. When Taco Bell introduced their “Freeze” drinks in 2012, it seemed like just another offshoot dessert option. But take a sip of a Baja Blast Freeze. You’ll quickly understand why it hasn’t left the menu since its creation.

Now, the fast food brand is mixing it up. Just in time for summer of 2021, Taco Bell has announced the Baja Blast Colada Freeze. As one might expect, it’s the classic Blast freeze with a twist of coconut flavor.

And good news for folks that are used to missing out on special promotions. Per Delish, the brand is releasing the flavor in all restaurants across the nation.

One of these bad boys will cost you at least $2.39 for the regular size, and $2.59 for a large. But as Delish points out, Taco Bell’s awesome happier hour means that you can grab one for $1.

Taco Bell Taking the Quesalupa Off the Menu in May

A Baja Blast freeze is the perfect complement to many of Taco Bell’s items, but sadly one of those is coming off the menu in May. The Quesalupa, which is a fried quesadilla made into a taco shell with meat and toppings in between, has ran its course.

As Outsider’s own Halle Ames covered, a spokesperson for the company said that fans need to get one while its still available.

“Fans are encouraged to satisfy their Quesalupa craving before it leaves Taco Bell’s menu later this month.”

The Quesalupa had been off the menu for five years before returning this year. While apparently successful, it was a limited run from the jump and will make way for the return of the Naked Chicken Chalupa.