Taco Bell Returns Fan-Favorite Item to Menu

by Mark Long

It’s been several years since the last appearance of Taco Bell’s Beefy Potato-rito, but the fan-favorite is back on the menu as of April 15, 2021. (Reward club members can get them starting today.) Even better, it’s only $1. Get yours quick, however, because it will only be available for a limited time.

Are Taco Bell fans excited? You bet they are. Just check out this video review from Chris and Vito Frezza of what they call a “hunka hunka potato love.”

Beefy Potato-rito

According to Taco Bell, the Beefy Potato-rito features its crispy potato bites, seasoned beef and nacho cheese sauce. It’s topped with a dab of Creamy Chipotle sauce and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. It could just be the perfect “potato-packed burrito” to prevent fans from becoming hangry.

The return of the Beefy Potato-rito comes after the reintroduction of potatoes to the menu in March. Vegetarian and vegan Taco Bell customers had used the certified vegan potato bites to replace meat on different menu items. When they were dropped from the menu, the fast-food chain experienced a social media backlash.

Remember, however, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Each Beefy Potato-rito has 420 calories. Of these calories, 43% come from carbohydrates and another 45% come from fat. You’ll also get 5 grams of saturated fat, 25 mg of cholesterol and 990 mg of sodium.

Taco Bell Fanatics

Taco Bell has long been known for its devoted fans, which consist of the famous and not-so-famous. Jason Sudeikis, aka “Ted Lasso,” admitted he almost missed then-partner Olivia Wilde giving birth to their first child because he was making a Taco Bell run.

Another really big fan featured on the Taco Bell blog is Kevin Freeman. The New Mexico engineer spent two years eating at a Taco Bell in all 50 states. He explained the impulse for this “incredible journey.”

“I had a reputation for being the Taco Bell guy. It was always a go-to for me; I rarely studied without a Baja Blast,” Freeman said. “Junior year I had an entire wall in my apartment dedicated to a Taco Bell menu that I got during a menu-changeover when I worked there the previous summer. It seemed like the most ‘on brand’ thing I could do at the time while also forcing me to get out and travel! I made sure to check to see if there was one in every state, and you bet your buns (or taco shells) there was.”

What’s next for this Taco Bell fanatic? Freeman added, “I’ve already knocked out an additional 65 on top of the base 50, so there’s room to improve. I want to get to all of the National Parks and spend some more time in Idaho, California, and Montana.”

This just goes to show: Everyone needs a dream.