Target Rolling Out Deals That Rival Black Friday This Month: What to Know

by Quentin Blount

Who else out there is ready to dive into some holiday shopping head first? We most definitely are here at Outsider. And the new deals at Target have us as excited as ever.

There’s no doubt that Target is always a fan favorite when it comes to holiday shopping. So, if you’re ready to scratch that itch as well, keep on reading. The popular retailer has officially launched Target Deals Days — their first big holiday sale which ran from Sunday and will end on Tuesday.

Target executive vice president and chief growth officer, Christina Hennington, explained that now is the best time to shop in a recent statement.

“As we approach the holiday season, guests are excited to shop early, and our team is ready to help them prepare so they can celebrate what matters most — time with family and friends,” she said.

The new Target Deals Days definitely feels a whole like Black Friday Deals. But maybe this will be the standard going forward for the big retail stores. The latest bid from Target definitely felt like an effort to compete with its retail giant rivals Amazon and Walmart.

So, what can we expect to see deals on during Target Deals Days? Well, keep your eyes peeled. Because there are supposedly going to be deals available across Target’s entire catalog. That means that things like TVs, headphones, video games and even kitchen appliances will have special deals. And it doesn’t matter if you plan to shop online or in-store. This will be the first time that shoppers can find the deals wherever they are shopping.

Target Rolling Out a Price-Match Guarantee Program

That’s right — there is even more good news for all of you Target shoppers. The store will officially be rolling out a new price-match guarantee program. This will make it easy for shoppers to compare prices with other retailers and request price adjustments between now and December 24. And that’s not all. If you purchase an item at one price but Target lowers the price later in the season, you can also request an adjustment for that as well.

As you may have heard by now, one of Target’s biggest rivals — Amazon — kicked off their early fall deals for 2021 as well. They have plans to drop special deals every day throughout the entire holiday year season. They will also have certain days where they will feature limited-time offers from top brands.

If you have been listening to any kind of shopping advice, most will say to get your shopping done as early as possible this year. Target’s latest move to offer special deals comes right at a time as analysts have been warning customers that supply chain issues could put huge stress on holiday shopping this year.