Team Driving From Canada to Greenland in Tricked Out F-150

by Matthew Memrick

A “Top Gear” featured company from Iceland is driving a tricked-out Ford F-150 from Canada to Greenland with eyes on the U.S. production.

Call it a stunt, but this multi-national company might have the wherewithal to do it. They’ve already been to the South Pole.

Fox News reported that Arctic Trucks has become a player in the extreme off-road pickup market. The company rose to fame when one of its custom Toyota Hilux pickups went up an active volcano for the TV show. Another truck was the first to drive to the North Pole.

Did the truck team see Santa? Not quite. The team went to the north geomagnetic pole, which isn’t as far North.

Company To Make Trucks In America?

The company is building trucks based on a Ford F-150 concept. Founder Emil Grímsson told Fox News that his company is opening a New Hampshire plant that will produce trucks for the North American market later this year.

What does this specialized Ford F-150 have that those regular trucks do not? Well, it comes with redesigned suspensions for 44-inch tall tires and widebody flares. Another flash design includes a remote central tire inflation system that can change air pressure based on the need for traction on loose surfaces.

Rescue services and utilities in the arctic use these trucks, but some employ them for exploration. 

Ok, how about the cost? Well, prices can change, and expect tens of thousands of dollars more for these customized conversions.

The multi-national company is testing two Ford F-150 prototypes, and they’ll take them for thousands of miles across Canada. This upcoming trip has the trucks going from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay in one trip span. Another goes from Resolute toward frozen areas of Baffin Bay. The goal is Greenland by way of the Kennedy Channel, but Grímsson said “we’ll find out” if they can make it.

Grímsson has seemingly done his research. He said he’s “studied the ice conditions over the past three years in March, and it looks like we can cross and get onto the main Greenland ice cap.”

So, it will be very interesting to see how far these Ford F-150s go.

Can You Drive to Greenland?

Well, one website commenter on Quora said you could walk from one country to the other. It’s only 18 or 24 miles across the Kennedy Channel. But with those temperatures, you’d probably want to drive.

Henrik Forsberg, a PM and CEO at Greenland Survey, said you could walk from one country to the other. Forsberg came up with a bulleted list of things you’d have to take into account for your trip.

First, Forsberg said getting to the channel is already tough. There’s no direct route and you’ve got some islands to cross to get to the channel. Mountains and enormous glaciers for walkers often block the route. Maybe these arctic trucks can make it easier.

Would Grímsson cross and then go back into Canada? He might have to. At that point, the closest Greenland settlement is over 150 miles south. 

Finally, you’ll need a permit to enter Greenland unless you’re a rule-breaker. I guess that may be the easy part.