Ted Nugent, Donald Trump Jr. Share Images from ‘Amazing’ First Stop in Trump Rally Tour

by Quentin Blount

Donald Trump Jr. and rockstar Ted Nugent shared images on Instagram from a Get Out The Vote rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania on Friday.

The event was hosted by Firearms Owners Against Crime at Munroe Inc. in the Ambridge Industrial Park. 17th District congressional candidate Sean Parnell and musician Ted Nugent were on hand as guests of honor.

“Vote and let’s get Donald Trump four more years in the White House,” Parnell said to the crowd of a few hundred people.

Donald Trump Jr. Shares Images of the Event

Trump Jr. shared a photo of the three men smiling together after the event.

“Incredible event last night for @officialseanparnell and @realdonaldtrump in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the Motor City Madman @tednugentofficial and @cameronrhanes,” Trump Jr. wrote on Instagram. “An amazing and energized crowd of hard-working men and women who understand that Donald Trump is fighting for them and for their jobs. They know that Biden’s endless shut downs and attacks on industry would destroy their state, their livelihoods, and their jobs. You can choose folks. This election is Freedom Vs Socialism. Choose wisely remembering that today’s Democrat party is not your grandparents Democrat party anymore. They don’t represent what they used to.”

Trump Jr. Touts Support for Blue Collar Workers

Trump Jr. spoke for roughly a half-hour, promoting his father’s support for blue-collar industry and his contributions to the economy.

“My father, his theory was always, guess what guys? If you’re going to build a building because that’s what we did, you’d better know how to dig the foundation, and you’d better know that by actually having done it,” he said of his upbringing.

Meanwhile, he also promoted the U.S. economy under his father’s administration.

“The guy that created the lowest unemployment for every demographic in America, for women, for Hispanics, for African Americans, for everyone, he’s the guy that can do it again,” he said.

“First stop was amazing! Thank you York Springs, PA,” Nugent wrote in his own IG post.