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Ted Nugent Drops Rocked Out ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Performance, Says ‘November Is Coming’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Kevin Tighe/Getty Images

Ted Nugent delivered a rock version of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Wearing a camo jacket and a cowboy hat, the singer demonstrated his shredding skills on the electric guitar. He transformed the National Anthem into a song worthy of a rock concert.

In his Facebook post, Nugent also mentioned the upcoming election and urged people to vote.

He wrote, “Star-Spangled Banner! Let it ring and let it ride! Uncle Ted is here to celebrate this great country! NOVEMBER IS COMING! Let’s share this to the masses so that this rocking tune has been heard by the millions as we get ready to exercise our We The People’s rights to vote! I bleed Red, White, and Blue and I know YOU do too! Let’s get this country back one step at a time!”

Ted Nugent Also Played the National Anthem at a Trump Rally

Nugent has had some practice playing his rock version of the National Anthem. He previously treated audiences to a similar display at a rally for Donald Trump in Muskegon, Michigan on Oct. 17. Nugent played his rock version of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and also a riff from his iconic song “Stranglehold.”

He showed his support for Trump in his bid for re-election.

“God bless real Michigan, God bless real America,” Nugent said at the rally. “God bless the greatest president in our lifetime, Donald Trump. We will make America great again. And we will make Michigan great again. Won’t we? Live it up. Have a great hunting season. Kill lots of s–t.”

Later during an interview with Breitbart, Nugent accused Joe Biden and the Democrats of coming to take “your guns.” He believes Democrats will try to disarm Americans.

“Everybody who is paying attention knows that the left will gut the Bill of Rights to the Constitution,” Nugent said. “Actually, not gut it but just eliminate it completely. In their own words, they are coming to take your guns. Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris — everybody knows that they want to disarm their subjects.”