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Ted Nugent Shares Popular ‘The Office’ Meme To Question Election Interference

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Renowned rockstar, and outspoken conservative, Ted Nugent is sharing his thoughts on the 2020 election. Taking to Facebook, Nugent took aim at those who disputed Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory but assert that no foul play potentially took place in the 2020 election.

Posted by Ted Nugent on Monday, November 9, 2020

The meme, which features John Krasinski’s character from beloved NBC comedy, The Office, shows his character Jim Halpert pointing to a white notepad. The message on the notepad reads: “Those who spent the last 4 years convinced there was election interference…”

Then, on a photo below, Jim smirks at the camera while the message on the notepad then reads: “are now saying there’s no way the election could be rigged.”

After posting the meme, thousands of the “Stranglehold” rocker’s fans and followers shared the post while hundreds also took to the comments section to further weigh in. Many voiced heated reactions to the meme.

“The Democrats aren’t owed anything,” one commenter writes. “The election is not over, regardless of what the mocking bird media says.”

Another user voicing an opposing view chimed in writing: “Trump has every right to use any legal path if he believes there are any discrepancies. Personally I believe there are no issues with this election. I didn’t believe there were any issues with the election in 2016 either.”

Ted Nugent Slams Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Ted Nugent is definitely not shy about speaking out about his political views. He has taken to social media frequently to share a bevy of criticisms of those he disagrees with politically. Last week, Nugent blasted Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a Facebook video.

In one part of the video, he claims Biden and Harris plan to take away Americans’ guns. However, he says any possible attempts will be unsuccessful.

“Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris, they represent the devil,” he said. “There is no democrat party. It’s now the Marxist devil party. Devil Joe and devil Kamala are not going to take our guns. Period.”

He concludes in the video by stating: “God bless America. And, you’re not going to take our guns. As a matter of fact, he says to call your governor and major and congressmen and tell them we stand with Trump.”