Ted Nugent Shares Pro-Hunting Message: ‘Anyone Against This is A Soulless, Ignorant Fool’

by Clayton Edwards

Yesterday morning, rock star and avid outdoorsman Ted Nugent went on Facebook Live to discuss donating venison to the homeless, among other things, while processing a large whitetail buck.

The explanation of how he processes the carcass and why he does it in the manner he does was bookended by and peppered with comments critical of those that Nugent sees as political opponents. Before cutting into the deer, Ted Nugent took time to compare democratic politicians to nutria, a large invasive rodent species. While gutting the buck, he discussed his thoughts on hunting critics.

Ted Nugent Gives Back

During the course of the live video, which ran just over seventeen and a half minutes, Nugent discusses hunting for charity.

He stated that he and other hunters across the country donate millions of meals to needy Americans. For over 31 years, Ted Nugent has worked in conjunction with charitable organizations such as Hunters for the Hungry and Sportsmen Against Hunger. They work to put fresh game meat on the tables of needy families. He also stated in the video that the hide of the buck would be donated.

It was while talking about charitable causes that Nugent took time to call out those who oppose hunting. The outdoorsman worried that the video would be banned from the “stoner pierced-nipple hippie media.”

He went on to opine that opponents of hunting were angry that he is feeding the homeless and they are not. It was at this point that he stated that anyone against hunting is a “soulless ignorant fool.”

Nugent is known to be vocal about his beliefs on just about everything. He also uses the term “soulless” fairly often. So, his comments in the video are hardly surprising, no matter how abrasive they may seem.

An Avid Outdoorsman

It’s no secret that Ted Nugent has little respect for those who oppose his views. He often makes headlines for his bombastic and inflammatory comments. However, no one can say that he doesn’t hold reverence for nature.

In the relatively short Facebook live video, Nugent highlights this. Over the seventeen minutes, he refers to the buck as “perfect” and its meat as “sacred.” He stresses the importance of accurate shots and clean kills to minimize the suffering of the animals he harvests. The respect and gratitude for the deer under his knife is front and center.

Nugent’s TV show “Spirit of the Wild” has aired for 26 seasons. His Sunrize Ranch hosts hunts for exotic and local wildlife.