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Teens Using Face Masks, Makeup to Buy Alcohol

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Jane Barlow - PA Images / Contributor / Getty Images)

Underage teens are taking advantage of COVID-19 health guidelines to buy alcohol. A number of youngsters have taken to Tik Tok to show themselves wearing masks and disguises to fool liquor store workers.

The viral “prank” has taken TikTok by storm. In recent weeks, clips of liquor store hijinks racked up millions of views on the platform. Many teens filmed themselves successfully buying alcohol after going to great lengths to hide their true identity.

One TikTok user managed to score alcohol simply with a fake ID and a mask. “PSA: use ur fakes as much as possible bc if you wear a mask they can’t see ur whole face lol,” user @aamandaward wrote.


Standup comedian Jason Lawhead also took to Twitter to joke about the situation. “Now that we have to wear masks, this is the best time to buy alcohol with a fake ID since the early 80’s,” Lawhead wrote.

Twitter user @dannyfailure chimed in to comment on the trend. The user wrote, “I hope lots of teens are out there illegally buying alcohol with face masks on, confidently not looking at all like their fake ID.”

Teens Dressing Up as Elderly Women to Score Booze

Another TikTok user took drastic measures to successfully buy booze. The clip, which garnered 1.5 million views, shows a girl using makeup to draw wrinkles. She went all out on the grandma look with wire-rimmed glasses, a headscarf, and using a walker.

A commenter posted on the video that the teen “tried to talk as little as possible but she was like a little croaky.” The commenter continued by mentioning that the “old lady” was never asked to show ID.

Similarly, another group of teens pulled off a successful stunt dressing one of their friends up as a “grandmother.” The teens dressed her in a mask, gloves, and retro glasses. They then pretended to carefully walk the “grandmother” down the store’s aisles. While walking out of a convenience store clutching a handle of vodka, the posters says, “Oh, my God, it worked!”

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