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3 Teens Jump Mar-A-Lago Wall With Loaded AK-47, Get Arrested

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: MANDEL NGAN / Contributor / Getty Images)

A group of teenagers evading arrest jumped a wall into President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort. On Wednesday, authorities arrested the three teens, who had a semiautomatic gun in a backpack.

Shortly after entering the resort, Palm Beach Police spokesman Michael Ogrodnick says law enforcement officers arrested the 15-year-old boys. The teens attempted to dump the backpack, which contained a mini AK-47 with a loaded 14-round magazine, CBS News reports.

The police report details a Palm Beach officer spotting the teens. About two miles north of Mar-a-Lago, the teens sat in a parked car. After the officer turned on his overhead lights, the car sped south toward Mar-a-Lago.

The teens then approached the resort. In the nearby area, they saw a second police officer conducting an unrelated traffic stop. The teens then abruptly stopped the vehicle. Ogrodnick believes the teens likely thought the police set up a roadblock to catch them.

Teens in Mar-a-Lago Didn’t Know Where They Were

The three then bolted from the car and jumped a nearby wall at the Mar-a-Lago resort. In order to locate the teens, police surrounded the resort and used a helicopter and police dogs. The police spokesman says the three never attempted to enter any of the resort’s buildings.

Ogrodnick mentions that the boys “had no idea where they were.” Fortunately for the teens, neither President Trump nor his family were at Mar-a-Lago. Ogrodnick says Secret Service agents possibly might’ve shot them.

According to Ogrodnick, the teens did not own the AK-47 and claim they found it.

Authorities charged the teens with three different counts. The counts include trespassing with a firearm, burglary with a firearm, and resisting arrest without violence. As prosecutors decide whether to charge them as adults, authorities continue holding the teens at a juvenile detention facility.

Since President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, Mar-a-Lago has seen a number of intrusions.

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