Terrifying 24-Hour Loop Shows Hurricane Laura as It Strengthens To a High-End Category 4

by Halle Ames

Hurricane Laura has made landfall on the Gulf Coast early this morning as a powerful Category 4 storm killing at least four people. 

Hurricane Laura has devastated the coast of Louisiana and Texas early this morning. The storm had winds clocking in at up to 150 mph and more than nine feet of storm surges. Laura also leveled buildings and knocked out power for thousands in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Cameron, Louisiana, was one of the towns hit hard by Laura’s path. An estimated 150 refused to leave their homes when asked to evacuate. Tim Dupont, Fire Chief of Cameron and Creole, said, “we’re not able to even assess it yet, to have entry into my area”. He went on to say that the roads were obstructed due to debris and water. 

Falling trees killed all of Laura’s victims, one being a 14-year-old girl.

Lake Charles

Lake Charles, Louisiana, took one of the worst hits from the storm even though it was located 45 miles from where Laura made landfall. One of the town’s chemical plants released thick smoke from a fire that was burning inside. In addition, the Isle of Capri casino boat broke loose and was stuck under the I-10 bridge. The I-10 bridge is now closed to assess for damage.

The Mayor of Lake Charles, Nic Hunter, described his town as looking like Swiss cheese with holes in many buildings. Hunter also stated that Hurricane Laura was worse for his city than Hurricane Rita in 2005. 

Accompanying Storms from Laura 

By tomorrow morning, storms from Hurricane Laura should be almost entirely out of Arkansas, and what is left will start to head east. By tomorrow night, cities like Nashville and Lexington will see heavy rain along with most of Kentucky. And by Saturday morning, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington D.C. will get the rest of the storms until it goes back out into the Atlantic Ocean. 

[H/T The Weather Channel]