Tesla Falls Seven Spots in Consumer Reports Ranking: Here’s Why

by Madison Miller

Is Tesla going through some kind of midlife crisis?

Each year, consumer reports help rank different vehicles as the best or the worst. This year was not the year for Tesla in the slightest.

According to CNN, Tesla dropped a total of seven spots and is now seated overall at No. 23 in the ranking for the best car brands out there. There is one major factor that has caused the car brand to plummet in its ranking. The updated version of these vehicles features a new yoke-style steering wheel that many drivers find difficult to use. For drivers used to a full wheel, this half-shaped creation is a big enough problem to lower the company’s overall score.

Consumer Report for Tesla

This new consumer report also took off Tesla’s crown as the top pick amongst EV model vehicles. The Model 3 was once the top pick but has now lost this distinction to the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Now, the Model 3 has the third-best ranking, also behind the Kia Niro.

As for this Model 3 car, it is now the only Tesla brand car that is CR recommended. The Model Y small SUV, Model S large sedan, and Model X large SUV are not CR recommended. The Model 3 car is still very much recommended, but other competitors just brought more to the table. It’s a big dip, seeing as the Tesla Model S car was once the “best car ever tested” back when it was first reviewed in 2013.

“Make no mistake, the Model 3 is still a great choice, and Consumer Reports recommends it. It shines with the latest technology, a long range, an impressive charging network, and a driving experience closer to a high-performance sports car than a sedan. But the Mustang Mach-E is also very sporty, plus it’s more practical and easier to live with. The Ford is also quieter and rides better,” the organization stated.

Other Recent Issues with Tesla

The new steering wheel and other design mishaps aren’t the only things causing Tesla to lag behind other competitors. The car company has had a string of recall issues since October.

The company has had a total of 11 recalls over the past few months. There were issues with seatbelt alerts, the “Full Self Driving” causing people to roll through stop signs, and concerns over the ability to play custom sounds as the car’s horn. Elon Musk has gone as far as calling federal regulators the “fun police” for all of these recalls and product evaluations.

Now, Tesla is investigating about 416,000 vehicles after hundreds of people complained about their cars doing what is called “phantom braking.” Drivers claim that Tesla vehicles will randomly engage the breaks, which can increase the risk of accidents or other incidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now looking into it.