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Tesla To Host 15,000 Person Grand-Opening of Gigafactory in Austin, Texas

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Christian Marquardt - Pool/Getty Images)

The beginning of April will mark an important day for Elon Musk. Tesla is having the grand opening of their Austin, TX Gigafactory. The factory is a 10-figure project and the big party will be host to a massive party when it finally opens. This will be the home of the new Model Y which has been much anticipated.

Tesla Giga-Party

  • Tesla is ready for a 15,000 person party at the new Austin, Texas Gigafactory
  • The big festivities are planned for April 7 at 4:00 PM and will go until midnight
  • Located just five miles from downtown Austin, there is a fireworks show planned
  • Tesla moved their headquarters from Palo Alto, California to Austin, TX last year

This is going to be a party that a ton of Tesla fans and owners will want to be at. With 15,000 people expected for the event, the grand opening is a big deal. Elon Musk is the king of using PR to get the markets going a bit. With a new factory, let alone the Gigafactory and the new Model Y coming, Tesla’s already sky-high stock could reach farther.

The facility cost $1.1 billion and is a massive, 4.3-million square foot facility. The Model Y has already been in production according to Tesla’s reports from earlier this year. When Tesla moved to Austin, they were hit with criticisms for the massive tax rebates they got. $65 million to be exact.

Right now, there is a fireworks show planned for the event. However, due to weather issues that Texas always has in the Spring, and local complaints, it might now happen. Some folks have been worried about the noise and commotion from the show. The Travis County Fire Marshal, Tony Callway, commented on the event. He says the fireworks are “conditional.”

“Let’s cancel the firework show if we need to,” Commissioner Ann Howard said to Callaway. “More power to you and your decision, and we’ve got your back if you need to pull the plug at the last minute.”

Tesla Gigafactory Grand Opening Receives Criticism

While it is going to be a big party for Elon Musk and 15,000 of his closest friends on April 7, not everyone is ready to celebrate. One Austin resident, Paul DiFiore is a representative for the environmental group PODER. He and other residents have not been happy with the Tesla move to their city.

“I urge you to consider rejecting this permit and forcing Tesla to delay their celebration until they start treating the community of Eastern Travis County as more than a workforce for Elon Musk, but rather as neighbors and partners,” DiFiore said.